Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing Results

Today a couple of my friends came over and we skied about 5 miles together in the beautiful sunshine. It was great to catch up and visit with the girls!! The Dolphin Goddess had to head back to her husband afterward, but Mist stayed for dinner and soaked with me in my hot tub. Can you see the little package on the front of her there? Its her 2 month old :-)

Day 20 was in between 2 - 12 hour night shifts, but i got it in. Day 21 was a day of serious sleep deprivation, but managed it along with a nice snow flurry hike. Day 22 I did some more of those "Swiss Ball Ab Busters" along with a great ski trek.

Today in church about 75% of the women there (its a small church) complimented me on my hair, outfit and weight. Several of them asked me "did you lose weight" and I haven't at all. If anything, I've maybe gained a couple of pounds. I think its got to be the ab work. It seems a little easier to engage and it helped having a cute, flattering blouse on. I guess I can't complain for 3 weeks of 20 minutes or less.........

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  1. You are doing such a great job not only keeping faithful doing ab exercises, but also fitting in other fitness activities. I love Mist's skiing with her little boy!

    There's a package in the mail for you! I forgot to add a card, but the gift is inside. :)