Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sit Ups Seat

Out with the old, In with the New

I mustered my way through day 7 of sit ups like a trooper. Day 8 was the day we were to leave for the big city. Thankfully, I got them done that morning before we left. I didn't want to find myself doing them in a dark alley behind Herbergers or anything like that. Day 9 I started doing abd work on the hotel room bed that morning while I was waiting for Super Catman to don swim trunks. It didn't take him long, and so it was cut rather short. I didn't think about it again until I was trapped in the Suburban on the L-O-N-G drive home that night. I started rearranging stuff on the front seat, smiling at my husband who assumed I was preparing for a nap. After padding the door handle and the buckles, I slipped my feet under his big, muscular thigh. He eyed me telling me I could use his jacket to cover up with. I smiled innocently nestling down onto the seat. "One" "Two" "Three", I began doing my sit ups across the front seat of the Suburban. "Does that feet thing bother you?" I asked nonchalantly, hoping it didn't. "How long are you going to do that for?" he wanted to know. That was all he said until I got to number "100". All the while I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing my kids were sleeping and that it was also a good thing that my husband puts up with my crazy antics. What sane and non obsessive person does 100 sit ups across the front seat of a Suburban on a long boring trip? Stay tuned and find out what could possibly happen next?


  1. LOL! Love this grit and determination! Good for you!


  2. i love your determination and wish you the best of luck with your resolution. i have a golden rule when it comes to exercise... don't think, just get up and do it. and it works! thanks for your visit, i had a great time here!

  3. wow ... determination we all need to succeed is wot u got