Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brussell Sprouts and Alien Boogers

Day 10 and 11 were pretty straight forward. Regular school days at home, I ran a couple of miles in sub zero temps and did my abd work like a good girl. Day 12, I had to get ready for work and was jealous that my kids were all heading out to go snow boarding. While they hauled in wood, I farted around on the computer and Moonbeam fell asleep in my arms. At long last, I saw it was almost time to leave and so i forced myself into them.

Other honorable mentions thus far : I introduced a new vegetable to the family. I got a giant bag of brussel sprouts from Costco and steamed them. I tried them once at a friends house and liked them then, or the one i tried any way. That is my only experience with the little critters. At any rate, I was hoping my family would try them and not freak. To my great fortune my husband proclaimed loudly that they looked like "Alien Boogers", which caused all the kids to try them with an open mind. Even my husband, though leary, put one on his plate. Nobody hated them, though no one is all that fond of them either. Anybody have any suggestions what to do with a big container full of left over steamed "alien boogers"? I am open to suggestions.......


  1. Alien boogers, huh...I'll have to try that.
    However, I was told that if you boil them till they are al dente, then mix them in a bowl with olive oil and salt, place them on a cookie sheet, and put them in the over for 30 minutes or so, they are so delicious, the kids will devoure them. I haven't tried that yet, but I keep meaning to.

  2. Oh...brussle sprouts...they make me cringe. My mother use to make those "alien boogers" and oh how I hated them. To this day I will not eat those nasty nasty things. This post made me laught tho. I couldn't resist commenting. :)