Friday, December 31, 2010

The Party Is Over!

Okay well thank you to every body for your opinions :-) Especially thanks Heather!! It is a good suggestion, but I think I want to try and do something a little bit crazy. If I get to February, I'll be doing better than I've ever done before. Abds are just the pits for me! I've kept off the worst of the weight. I've done some running. I've done a couple of swims. I've got that last impossible 10-20 lbs and the whole impossible muffin top/flabby ab thing going on. We'll see...maybe I can finally knock off some more goals this year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

365 Days of Sit Ups!

Does it clash that bad ?

What do you think of that for a New Years goal? No, not being more color coordinated, though I could use some help there too ;-) The 365 days of sit ups/abd work I mean? On the edge of New Years Eve, I am trying to come up with some kind of a good challenge. Its been a year now that I've been able to stay under 140lbs (on my scales) to my best knowledge. Last New Years Eve, I was up over that but hadn't been for a long long time. Most of the year I've been under 135. I've successfully kept the weight off, but I still have that last 10-20 lbs to go that I've never gotten rid of along with with some flab. I'm thinking 365 days of sit ups might just accomplish a long wished for goal :-) I've also been thinking on putting up a running ticker and maybe one for swimming in the summer. Those are kinds of fun ways to keep track. I just don't know. Do you think 365 days of sit ups is too drastic a goal? Every time I try to start a sit ups/abd work regime, I get bored and quit. Maybe if I blog the challenge it will happen ;-) Kind of like the movie "Julie and Julia" - lol!!

In other news, I have decided to construct a cheese cake. Yes, a cheese cake. Since I'm going to get really serious in 2 days, I figured I should do some kind of an end of the year hurrah if you will. I hope this doesn't offend anybody. I was just reading in Oxygen Magazine one reader telling the Editor that she hopes he "rots in hell" because he eats occasional candy bars and also occasionally has a glass of wine. Ugh!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Carbon Copies (AKA Kids)

Okay, I have a confession right off the start!! These pictures are from making egg rolls yesterday. After frying them, my daughter suggested we try baking them next time (GREAT IDEA SOCK FASHION EXPERT)!! Some time i will let you know how that goes. Good thing is is that as you can see, Moonbeam is enjoying vegetables :-) One thing I want to point out on this post, and probably will again is that your kids WILL copy you. If they see you eating a handful of chocolate chips, they will go to the freezer and get them self a handful (or harass you for yours). If they see you eating a cookie, they immediately want one. If you sit in the living room eating an apple with peanut butter, your kids will come up and eat half the apple off your plate before you can scarf the thing down. These are the foods they will become accustomed to and what will build their body - good or bad. These are the habits that they will acquire for a life time, or until they work hard to do otherwise. You and I cannot be obese alone. We curse our children with the same eating habits whether we like it or not.
Yesterday, as The Sock Fashion Expert and I were sitting down eating the egg rolls after working in the kitchen making them together, we talked about the "old days" (a couple of years ago.) I used to eat four. So did she. I felt sick after 2 1/2. She felt sick after 2. "Remember when I used to be fat?" she asks me. "I'm never going back to that". I tell her she was never fat. There was a time, though, when I was around 176 lbs and she was not wearing regular kid sizes. She was in the pretty plus section. That's when she wanted 2 burgers at the McDonald's drive in and I would let her have them because I was eating 2 burgers too. I'm not wanting to sound harsh. Its reality. Today my daughter is 14, VERY HEALTHY and looks fabulous. She hikes every day. She is less than 90 lbs, but vibrant. She has a tiny waist, and frame. She has the figure most women would kill for. She eats incredibly well. She never ever starves herself or eats in a dysfunctional manner. She knows how to enjoy food without binging. I wish I had her eating habits. She some how learned what I am trying to accomplish way ahead of me. She amazes me.
I quit bringing donuts home years ago, but I decided for Christmas I would as a special treat. My 19 year old son, who I often tease "is the perfect specimen of a man" immediately told me he didn't want his share. He used to do that a few years ago when I would bring home donuts too. The other thing he refuses to do is eat at buffets. He becomes incredibly disturbed watching people over eat at them. Last time I was pregnant, I took the kids to a buffet because I was craving Chinese. He wouldn't even eat. He also refused to eat at a pizza buffet during that pregnancy as well. It was a waste of money paying for him to eat with us. In the end I had to promise him not to take him to one again. I know that sounds kind of strange, but its true. He honestly can't stand watching people over eat. He also does probably 200 sit ups every night and has abs of steel. He hikes up and down mountains. He is the fittest 19 year old man that I know. If he sees me over eating, he will get after me. BTW, I don't think he ate any of our egg rolls either. He inspires me.
Some how, over the past few years, my older kids have gained an IRON STRONG conviction about fitness and healthy eating and they don't waiver. Why do I still waiver? I don't know this answer, but I know I have done something right with them in the last few years. If you looked at my family 5 years ago, you would have seen things a lot different.
Does Anybody have any good ideas for New Years Resolutions or plans? I'm open to suggestions :-)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Have Some Fudge

As you can see, I've been avoiding this blog. Perhaps its because I've gained a couple of pounds from Holiday eating - ugh!! My friend, "Nurse Happy Sunny Day", who is a marathoner and soon to be an ultra marathoner decided to fast from white sugar during December with the exception of Christmas Day. That was an incredible strategy! As a matter of fact, she picked up the white sugar fast idea from me, though I have never been brave enough to do it during the entire month of December. The first time I did it, it was for the summer. That was the summer I lost 35 lbs and felt great. I've also done it different time periods during winter months, but never all of December. Anyway, unfortunately I did not follow her example, however, I am still probably 10lbs less than I was last year at this time. I went back to my December posts to try and find a weight, but all I could find was a post entitled "Holiday Gluttony, Drowning in Lard" from Dec 23. I didn't put up a link to it because it was not one of my better days ;-)
Honestly, I contemplated working on weight loss this month but decided better of it. Not because I'm avoiding it, okay maybe I'm avoiding it a little. Really, once I hit the 130's I just can't lose weight without a lot of work. That's okay. I am slowly learning that maintenance is a big challenge in itself. Losing weight is fun. Once you start doing it, the pounds keep dropping. Maintaining doesn't give you any prize at the bottom of the cereal box. Its just maintaining - nothing exciting. Anyway, my point is that I'm not going to work horribly hard to lose a few pounds over December. In January, EVERY BODY and His BROTHER will be trying to lose weight. The stores will all be selling wonderful weight loss stuff on sale and everybody will be starting new diets, weight loss blogs and exercising like the Dickens. I think that's when my momentum will be a little easier to find. Until then, I'm NOT going to pig out. I'm going to strategize and make a great plan for 2011. Until then, don't be hard on yourself. Enjoy the fudge, just don't enjoy 6 pieces of it. Learn moderation because when all is said and done, its what you will have to live with if you don't want to be a human yo-yo :-) Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


i should have seen it coming. After all, I am an RN and have been in health care practically all my life, well since age 16 to be exact. i've just been fighting a terrible case of the "D" word. In case you don't know what that "D" word is, I'll tell you, but its hard getting it out. Okay, here goes.......d-e-n-i-a-l. Whew! Okay I said it. It also doesn't help that I've had this "feeling" I should be putting more time into my core.
So as I was saying, or about to, sigh, after that hard 3 mile ski, something, er, "happened". I got a back ache. Well as every good person in denial does, I didn't accept that I could possibly have a back problem. The next day it seemed better, so I Nordic Hiked in the snow for 4 miles. I got home and it hurt worse. This time I was a little alarmed. I've NEVER had back problems, EVER!! All the nurses and aides have back problems but NOT ME!! I am immune, or so I thought. Any way, the kids prayed for me and I started popping Tylenol, ibuprofen and alieve. Yes, I know, I should have slowed down. Yes, I was in denial and even brainless, but again, I pushed myself. This time it was another 3 mile ski trek on icy surfaces with my friend Elasta Woman. I was feeling better (most likely due to all the anti inflammatory meds) and I thought going slow would be okay. The minute I got out there, I could feel the pain but I WANTED A GOOD WORKOUT IN!! By now you are probably wondering if my brain took off to Hawaii without me and so am I. Long story short, I am going to have to force myself to take some mandatory time off from exercise. Oh the agony!! Even yesterday when the pain finally eased up, I popped the Tylenol and took the baby outside. I noticed that the steps needed shoveling off. Before I even thought, I picked up the shovel and started in. Immediately, I could feel the pain and I knew I had to force myself to stop. I had to fight every instinct within me. I love to exert my energy. I love the endorphins. I love it but I can't have it right now and I'm going to have to adjust my eating even more to compensate for its loss. THIS IS TERRIBLE!!
While I'm on a roll with the set backs, I'll continue on before I start in with the positive :
2. We were just blessed with 8 boxes of bread products. I'm super thankful, really I am, but now our house is over run with carbs and its going to be hard to control.
3. I only have 2 days scheduled at work this month. I LOVE the time off with my kids. I don't like not having a lot to do because then I eat out of boredom, especially when i can't exercise. Its also a stressor knowing our income will go down which could cause me to want to turn to food. These are just potential challenges I am seeing.
4. Tis the Season and I like to eat!! How am I ever going to avoid gaining weight? We also got blessed with 40 or so expired marinades and salad dressings along with about 10-15 fat free mayos. I am into organic, whole fats, whole - clean food eating. I need to make use of these free goods somehow even if they're not what I would normally buy. Any suggestions?
5. Its hard to feel inspired to blog on a new blog that isn't established.
Okay, well now that you see all of the challenges I'm facing, here are a few of my positive thoughts :
1. With Every Challenge, God makes a way for us to overcome them. He promises that there is "No temptation greater than which we can bear." and that He will "provide a way of escape".
2. I have extra time to focus on cooking healthy - lol!!
3. I do have the hot tub to do some self imposed physical therapy in.
4. My kids are really helpful.
5. I've been having the kids do a lot of organizing and cleaning now that we're in a slower season. The toy closet, bedrooms and kitchen have been thoroughly cleaned and organized. Bags upon bags of trash went out and its much more livable now. That feels good.
6. Maybe i'll start some sprouting.
7. I've got at least 2 trips to the Big City this month for Super Catman's braces, so I can buy some bulk healthier fruits and veggies.
8. I do have a freezer full of organic wild meat, organic cherries, huckleberries, plums, etc. I can chose to cook healthy.
9. I'm not in denial any more and I can start moving forward, first by allowing my body time to heal.


Home Made Tortillas (adapted from

2 Cups Flour (1/2-3/4) of total flour should be whole wheat.

2/3 Cup H20

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup oil

Must let them rest 1/2 hour covered in plastic wrap before rolling out. A wonderful, healthful whole grain option. Serve with organic taco meat and a host of veggies!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've Been A Good Girl Santa

Dear Santa Claus,

I have been a very good girl today. After working all night, I went to the grocery store. The first thing I smelled when I walked in was freshly baked donuts. My kids love it when I bring home donuts but I know its not good for them so I didn't do it. Instead I got them some non sugary breakfast cereal that was on sale. After that, I noticed pizzas were on sale for $5 but again, I refrained myself. I spent an hour in the store and I didn't buy any junk food. I thought about buying a donut for myself on the way home since I was hungry, but instead I decided to eat a banana. On the way out the door, I S-L-O-W-L-Y walked by the Starbucks Coffee booth but I didn't turn in. At the gas station, I used the credit card pump so I wouldn't be tempted with hot breakfast junk inside. At home, after getting up, I forced myself to get outside before dark and I cross country skied close to 3 miles in the bitter cold.
I was wondering if I could have a Wonder Woman Doll for Christmas and maybe her figure too? I was thinking that I could generously leave you out a plate of my stubborn belly fat on Christmas Eve so you wouldn't need to bother with the cookies. That would save us both a lot of time.
With Love, Outdoor.Mom

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

death to "Operation Hawaii"

Pic from our community wreathing party - I brought my wreather and rings and donated myself with it to helping the women of the community make wreaths. One lady brought ribbons. Many brought boughs. It was a fun day. It felt good to give to others. I will probably post about it on my other blog.

Just a quick post to say I am officially ending my "Operation Hawaii" plan. Here are my reasons :

1. The name depresses me with all this cold snowy weather.

2. It isn't practical to follow, especially this time of year.

3. Every time I have to alter the plan, I get this "all or nothing" mentality that seems dangerous to the ultimate goal.

4. The name depresses me with all this cold snowy weather. Oh yeah, i guess i said that.

I had a couple of intense exercise days. Yesterday I NORDIC WALKED 4 miles on snowy roads. That was exhausting. You may want to read about my many adventures in Nordic Walking on my other blog over the past couple of winters. The only excitement that day was a man whose car was buried in the ditch. A tractor was crossing the entire road and couldn't get the thing out.

Today I cross country skied for about an hour. Whew!! I really worked up a sweat. I can tell I am finally getting into a winter groove exercise wise. As for food well that's another story. As I mentioned, I have had a hard time following my plan. I think I will think on it for a few days. I did step on the scale last night and it was 128-129 lbs. That was shocking. This morning it was 130. Not sure how I'm pulling that off. When I look at the pictures of the wreathing party I just helped host, I do look thinner but certainly don't have the toned look I want. Well anyway, back to the drawing board with a survivable plan for the holidays :-) I am open to anybodies suggestions................