Friday, April 22, 2011

slump de bump

My heroine, The Sock Fashion Expert "taken out the trash" with a no excuses attitude (the same one she uses on me when we're running together).

Ever heard the term "ran circles around"? Well that's what my daughter does to me, LITERALLY! Last year she was barely doing 3 miles before our 5K. She almost didn't do it because of joint pain. This year, she is running like a maniac, wishing she could drag me beyond 7 miles and bored enough to sigh, yes, run circles around her mother literally ;-) That doesn't do a lot for my running prowess. Luckily, none of the Bloomsday Runners will be focused on my turtle like jogging skills and will most likely abstain from such activities...... Despite my lack of motivation this spring, I think my upcoming Bloomsday Run will be just the thing to pull me out of that slump.

Its been super busy since we got back home from Minnesota. It was a wonderful trip - one we cherished with so many special times. Now we are back home and fighting to get into a routine of sorts. With only 2 1/2 weeks of home schooling our kids left, we are cracking those books hard along with a lot of spring cleaning. This week we went out for a special fire dept banquet. Fishing for compliments on my attire I told my husband "why don't you give me a compliment" as we were waiting for our fabulous, 5 star prime rib. He and our eldest graced me with a series of compliments, though they were not at all what I was fishing for.... Here are some of them :

"Baby you look better than a cut throat trout in a frying pan"

"You look better than a woodshed full of wood"

"You look better than a slobbering bull elk coming to my call"

"Better than a whole tub of bear fat rendering on the stove"

"Uh thanks...... I think"

Warning!! You are about to enter Extremely Boring Reading Material. Read at your own Risk of Falling asleep!

day 101 felt horribly sore from the 7 mile run and several hikes so i only did 50 sit ups.

day 102 still having back pain and left that am 50 sit ups, drove all day - crazy hike in the wind with my husband at the motel

day 103 got home, exhausted, don't remember much but I think I did maybe 50 sit ups. i always remember when i don't because i'm plagued!!

day 104 Forced my 200/100, a couple planks and was cold, tired and had a house full of luggage to unpack....

day 105 Ran 6.3 miles with my daughter. Had to work. Forgot my sit ups. Went into the utility room and did 50 quick ones at work.

day 106 Working 12 hr nights. Determined to get all my sit ups in but the Moongirl layed on my chest and I figured the cuddle was way more important before I left again - only got 100 done ;-)

day 107 tiredness slump after night shifts. tired, emotional, didn't do much but 50 sit ups before crashing on the couch. Did take Miss Moona in the stroller about 3 miles.

day 108 Ran 7 miles with my daughter, did my 200 su/100ke/15pu

day 109 yet to get outside, going to a special dinner tonight.... did my 200/100/15

day 110 ran 6.3 miles, got 100/50 in before the fam put a movie on....

day 111 ran 7 miles, yet to do my ab work

I warned ya ;-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vacation Coming to A Close.....

On a hike at my husband's Mom and Dad's...............

The vacation is coming to a close and i'm super sleepy, but i gotta still do my sit ups and get this blog post in b4 i forget EVERYTHING!!

Day 95 we were gone shopping with my Mom. I was so so tired that night!! I don't think I got in all my sit ups and they were on the exercise ball besides that. So I'm only giving myself credit for 50 of those bad boyz.

Day 96 We all got out on a family hike - us, my parents, my sister and her kids. It was only 3 miles or so, but nice to get the fresh air. While my family all hung out watching "Ninja Warrior" I did my 200 sit ups at the foot of my husbands chair (secretly hoping to impress him). I think he was more impressed with the Ninja Warriors ;0)

Day 97 The Sock Fashion Expert and I headed out on a short 4 mile run. It was a beautiful day and even though we wanted to visit everybody we both knew we'd feel better putting in a few miles together. I did my 200 sit ups/ 100 knee-elbows/ and 10 push ups that night.

Day 98 Was crazy busy again! We met up at my husband's parents place to a whole pack o' people. There was a big reunion with Montana, Nebraska and Minnesota families. After a big day of festivities, we all headed to the motel pool so the kids could go swimming. After hours of playing in the water, we got back at midnight, starving and exhausted. I ate a bunch of left overs and then started my sit ups - Bad decision (duh)!! After 50 of them I thought i might hurl and decided better of it heading off to bed.

Day 99 Was a rainy day with more company. It poured all day and I felt stir crazy. I got in my 200 sit ups squished in between luggage in close quarters. There wasn't room for the rest and I was tired so i didn't care.

Day 100 I knew I'd better get back to my routine. Sock Fashion Expert forced me out on a painful 6 mile run. I got in a nice hike with hubby as well. That night I did my 200/100 and 12 pu. My husband and son watched me do my push ups and seemed somewhat impressed ;-) Obviously they must have been watching something other than "Ninja Warrior".....

Day 101 I still have to do my sit ups but I am HURTING BIG TIME!! The Sock Fashion Expert and I ran a RECORD 7.3 miles today. I got home feeling it bad, popped some Ibuprofen and got to cleaning out the Suburban as we are packing up to leave tomorrow. By the time that was over, I collapsed on the deck. I was so thankful for the wonderful 68 degree sunshine and I fell asleep. Thank goodness, because I ended up taking 2 other walks that day. i still have to do my sit ups......

Wish me well on my trip going home. Sorry I'm so terribly far behind on blog reading. i promise I'll be catching up with you guys soon :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Frolicking and Gambling Grief......

As I mentioned on my other blog, My cousin was tragically killed on Tuesday. Though his parents are in Kansas, and we are here, we are all mourning, worlds apart. Somewhere across the United States his little boy grieves. In another place his wife and adopted daughter agonize. For our family, well, we didn't get to see him for the last few years, but it doesn't take away the sadness that we experience. After compiling a picture project as his parents sympathy card, and having the kids make pictures, I still wasn't satisfied. Then my mother suggested she teach the kids to play Poker. Maybe I'd better explain.......

When my mother was a little girl, there would be no money for Christmas presents just days before Christmas. Her father, (my grandfather), would take off to the Poker tables and always come home with enough winnings for presents which my grandmother would go and buy. His boys learned to play with passion. My uncle taught his son (my cousin Monty) to play with the same kind of passion. He played like a pro from childhood and later went on to be semi professional after his years in Iraq, serving our country. Thus, the kids learning to play poker today was a tribute to our cousin. They played with my mothers pennies and nobody kept any winnings or lost anything. It was just as I said, a tribute to our fallen cousin.

It got a little bit hairy when the church deacon stopped by. He seemed to be pretty straight laced and we all feared the ongoing game would upset him. Suddenly the house was in chaos while pennies and cards flew all over the place. Somebody threw a towel over the whole mess and we would have gotten away with it too, had my mother not been such a confessional. Wisely, the deacon said nothing, and stayed for some ice cream.

Day 86 I did do my 200/100 and 10 pu

Day 87 We went shopping in town with my Mother in Law. It was a fabulous day, rich in fun and calories. Good thing the Sock Fashion Expert and I broke another running record doing a FULL 6 MILES!! I also did my 200 sit ups, 100 knee/elbow crunches and 12 push ups.

Day 88 We drove for 4 hours to see some good friends. I ended up with a great 4 mile hike with her, but alas, again ate way too many calories for my own good! Oh the torment of good cooking! I was exhausted by the end of the day and fell asleep after a measly 10 sit ups......

Day 89 Was crazy marathon day! We left our dear friends, drove along the North Shore and spent the afternoon at a luncheon with many of my relatives in Duluth. It was a wonderful reunion with so many family and incredibly special meeting second cousins for the first time :-) Unfortunately, again, by the time we drove another 3 hours to the next city to my sisters, I collapsed in bed with only managing 20 sit ups and a plethora of calories.......

Day 90 We were exhausted from travel. I did get in my 200/100 while my adorable little nieces stared at me. I was unable to persuade them to join me - lol ;-)

Day 91 We were at my mom and dad's by now and seriously lacking in exercise! The Sock Fashion Expert and I broke another record by running a grueling 6.4 miles!! My mom showed us the road she likes to hike on, (pictured above), and we also took a walk with her later that day as well. The hardwood floors were just too hard to imagine doing sit ups on, even with a little rug. Amazingly an exercise ball rolled by that evening. I still don't know where it came from. Its one of those Divine Interventions I guess.... Gratefully I did my 200 sit ups on that while Miss Moona was in the bath tub. I also did an array of push ups on it, etc......

Day 92 was church and chilly and stormy. No runs, but did the whole 200 sit ups with the exercise ball routine and some push ups.

Day 93 Nobody was feeling well and there was a horrible bitter wind. We all got outside for a short walk, but the conditions were miserable. I did my 200 sit ups on the exercise ball while Miss Moona was awaiting snuggle time. I didn't do anything else because I didn't want to keep her waiting any longer ;-)

Day 94 Today, as I said was spent playing Poker - lol ;-) I still have to do my sit ups.... Fortunately, The Sock Fashion Expert was really geared up for running today because we got out there early. Us girls running together is becoming, dare I say it?, routine...... Ahhhh.... a mothers dream realized. My 15 year old actually wants me along!! You may picture me bouncing up and down here and acting hysterically happy. As usual, she jumped around with too much energy and yelled poetically to the cows that we jogged by. Dramatically, she challenged us to "beat the road", and that I would have stories to impress my future grandchildren with. With all her crazy antics, the time and miles passed by with minimal pain. I HONESTLY NEVER BELIEVED I would see this day, until I felt God speaking to my heart about doing this upcoming run. I signed up for it by faith, not having any idea at all how I could pull it off. AMAZINGLY, with the cheers of the Sock Fashion Expert, we completed that distance today. Today, for the first time ever, WE RAN 7 MILES!!!!!!! Glory Hallelujah!