Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gettin' Down to Business

So here's the thing......
I'm running out of a precious commodity.  In other words, the clocks ticken' and every day is a day closer to my big lifelong dream of seeing Hawaii Bikini clad with my hubby.  I have declared Marshall Law against Miss Belly Fat.  Her days are seriously numbered ;-)
The whole cleansing fast thing went okay, but for the agony, the results were, I gained it all back within a week.  UGH!  Here's some of my newest strategies, some of which are actually working - lol!!
- Back to boring ol' writing down my food in a journal.  Did I mention B-O-R-I-N-G?!?!  Truly, I've been reading in a lot of places that most people successful at weight loss do that.  Harrumph.
- Been having SUPER CRAZY OUTRAGEOUS FUN doing Zumba!!  From the time I was about 3, I took dance lessons.  Even in college I was on the dance line.  That part of me has just been laying dormant for years, but its in my blood.  Its always been a buried part of who I am waiting for the right opportunity to bust a move.  In short, its kind of like stepping into destiny.  My biggest challenge is not to be dead serious about doing it all perfect, mentally telling myself its okay to be sexy and remembering that the goal is to HAVE FUN all the while sweating like a pig ;-)
- "Hara hachi bu" taken from Oct 2012 Fitness Magazine.  Meaning you aren't supposed to eat until your stuffed!!  I do a lot better eating a variety of foods I enjoy, just use moderation.  As much as I abhor counting calories, its been an eye opening reminder that a dollop of peanut butter, sour cream or butter can be a non damaging 20 or 30 calories or it can be upwards of 200.  All too often I wasn't really honing in on that.