Thursday, February 2, 2012

Formidable February

Here are some fun pics from our trip to Post Falls for my son's CNA certification testing. He was in Euphoria at Cabelas, as was The Sock Fashion Expert at The Spokane Valley Mall ;-) Consequently, He Passed!!

Okay, I sure wish I could think of a more creative format for this blog. Every time I think about deleting it, i just can't, so I guess I will just push on with it........

Here are some encouraging accomplishments from the past month :

- daily sit ups - i mean EVERY DAY!! My "Abs Idol", or maybe the better word would be "Abs Mentor" Elasta Woman has this "200 assorted crunch routine" which she swears by and we are not talking about some kind of crispy dessert here. Apparently a mom of several kids has done it every day for years and she has a 6 pack that girls half her age would kill for. Anyhow, this "Super Mommy" of sorts, taught the special routine to our own Elasta Woman, who, in turn, taught it to me. The funny thing about working abs, which I have noticed a couple times now, is that when its working you get this bloated - pregnant look because your gut no longer hangs down aimlessly. This can cause one to become quite distraught and greatly disturbed, especially when one is doing all that work. NO WORRIES!! It actually starts looking better over time. The muscles just seem to "pick up" and carry along with them whatever is there. So, yes, I do have that odd look going, but it is only temporal and I am taking it as a good sign better things are to come ;-)

- forced myself to measure and weigh in, not a lot has changed.

- Also keeping an exercise log. It was helpful in determining why every time I run with the girls I feel like I have emptied myself into the trash compactor. Now mind you, these girls I run with are all teens and twenties and they are amazing athletes, but being significantly slower and in agony is not an excuse I should blame on age. Though I was doing some kind of work out every day, I was finding that my running was only weekly. I didn't really have a good base to be building off of. Since then, I'm trying to run several more times a week.

- increasing on the weights.

With the possibility of an upcoming move, it would be nice to lose some of this stubborn winter fat. I HATE dieting, but I suppose I should really focus harder on intake this upcoming month. YUCK!