Friday, January 7, 2011

sit ups.... the saga continues

i just wanted to let blog world know that I haven't stopped despite the terrible odds against me...... imagine rocky type music as you are reading please...... Any how, I have been meaning to blog for the past few days, but it has been crazy busy. I also wanted to put up a couple of blog tickers but that hasn't happened yet either. After my last entry on Jan 3, I got called into work that next night. In a hurry to get my abd work done before work, as I was diligently doing my sit ups, Moonbeam came along and sat on me. She made some loud sounds, accompanied by an unpleasant odor and said "TOOT". I groaned and turned over beginning my backward sit ups. Undaunted, she sat on me again this time saying "giddy up horse". I always become the multi task queen before work and this event didn't seem much different than the other crazy list of things I try to accomplish before I'm out the door.
On the 5th, I did my sit ups in a haze of sleep deprived hang over. Then I took Miss Moonbeam out for a "sled yide" through the forest and around the loop. She looked so cute in her new fluffy pink coat I had to snap about a million shots.
On the 6th, it was crazy again. I got invited to a friend's for the afternoon. I was sleepy all that morning and dozed on the couch after doing school with Super Catman. I woke up with a start, knowing I was supposed to go visiting that afternoon and hosting Bible Study in my home that evening! I rushed to the kitchen for some coffee and to start noodles boiling. While the noodles boiled I did 48 sit ups. Then I hurriedly rushed out the door right after lunch. Some time between company and company, I did another 10 minutes of abd work. It was a bit chaotic, but I got the job done.
To tell you the truth, I think abd work is incredibly boring and I have a really really hard time getting it done. If I can do it today, I will have accomplished a week - selah.... amazing. I am really no worse for the wear. Tomorrow is our trip to the big city. I wonder if I will have trouble getting it done in the motel room with my kids razzing me ;-) We shall see..... oh the suspense....


  1. What a super mom you are! Nice pictures, I just also want to thank you for your visit and gracious comment. Have a blessed week!

  2. Go, outdoor mom!!

    Absolutely adorable pictures!

  3. Sit ups for a year?? Wow, what a wonderful undertaking! Good luck!

    Thank you for stopping by my page. Have a great weekend!