Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm having a really really hard time finding FAT pictures of me. Now don't believe for a second that I wasn't fat, because honestly, I have lost almost 50 lbs. I just avoided the camera in those days. I was reading that weight loss/fitness blogs should have a "before" picture, and so today I searched diligently for some. These are the best I could come up with, and I don't think they're all that impressive. I also didn't want to use any pregnant pics, because (obviously) that doesn't count. For a long time, I didn't weigh myself at all, nor did I measure. Those habits came later. I DO distinctly remember the day I walked into a WalMart dressing room and discovered that 14 Petite no longer fit. I shrugged my shoulders and found some 16 Petites, resigning to have climbed yet another size. Today I'm doing 8's and 10's. It was about a year later when I actually started recording my weights consistently. In my old records, I found I had logged "176" non pregnant, though I could have easily been more. Any how, I will keep searching........
Day 27 I was suffering through a sleep hangover after my 2 - 12 hour night shifts, but I managed my 100 sit ups and a quick hike with the Hubby. Day 28 I'd been feeling sluggish all day. I forced myself out for a hike. I was kind of frustrated because the roads are iced bad again and The Sock Fashion Expert recommended NOT RUNNING on them, so I Nordic Walked 4 miles. By evening, I still hadn't done them, though I had done a variety of junk food. Then I got the call that my friends were inviting me over for a movie. I KNEW it would be midnight before I was back, so, like a good girl, I did my 100. Day 29 I diligently did the "Swiss Ball Ab-Busters!" earlier on in the day..........

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Runnin' Fools and Dead Meat

Photo courtesy of D Wrey
Day 23, I almost started doing my sit ups while visiting with Mist, but refrained myself until after they left. The family put on a creepy movie and I kept getting distracted, but did get them in with goose bumps.... Day 24 I did an Ab variety. Day 25 I hurried through 100 before leaving for work. Day 26 I did a variety while waiting for Miss Moona to finish her soup. I added in a "side plank / side bridge deally holding position" that is supposed to tone hard to work ab areas...... After that, I gave her a quick sled ride before heading off to work.........

I have decided to run Bloomsday. I don't know how to explain it. I just have this feeling about doing its something I'm supposed to do........I registered and paid for it today. Now I will be under the gun to get back into running shape. Truth be told I have never EVER run 7 1/2 miles before. Before winter I was running 4 pretty consistently. Lately I've been doing 2 on spikes. This is serious stuff. What makes me think I can run 7 1/2 miles?! I don't know. Like I said, I just have this feeling like its something I'm supposed to do...............

Have you ever done anything THIS crazy?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeing Results

Today a couple of my friends came over and we skied about 5 miles together in the beautiful sunshine. It was great to catch up and visit with the girls!! The Dolphin Goddess had to head back to her husband afterward, but Mist stayed for dinner and soaked with me in my hot tub. Can you see the little package on the front of her there? Its her 2 month old :-)

Day 20 was in between 2 - 12 hour night shifts, but i got it in. Day 21 was a day of serious sleep deprivation, but managed it along with a nice snow flurry hike. Day 22 I did some more of those "Swiss Ball Ab Busters" along with a great ski trek.

Today in church about 75% of the women there (its a small church) complimented me on my hair, outfit and weight. Several of them asked me "did you lose weight" and I haven't at all. If anything, I've maybe gained a couple of pounds. I think its got to be the ab work. It seems a little easier to engage and it helped having a cute, flattering blouse on. I guess I can't complain for 3 weeks of 20 minutes or less.........

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haute Topics

Here's what I'm having for dinner, actually left overs drug over in a zip lock bag to the hospital where I work. It will still be a lot better than what everybody else has ;-) Look below for my whole grain recipe ideas................

Let me get this beef off my chest before I begin anything else - If you want to lose weight and keep it off, I really don't think fad dieting is the way to go. Lately, the fad a lot of people are doing, is the HCG diet. I don't want to burst anybodies bubble, but there is a lot more to looking good than just losing weight. A 500 calorie diet does not discriminate between fat and muscle. It will take them both. I, personally, believe that we should be eating from all the food groups that the Good Lord gave us. Nobody got fat eating moderately, whole grains and vegetables. Nobody got fat eating a serving of lean wild meat or healthful dairy. We all got fat eating frozen pizza, 3 helpings of pasta and 12 chocolate chip cookies. That's a life change that we have to alter for good and not the life of a crash diet. Its good to want to lose the weight, but there are no "get rich quick" schemes in eating. What comes off fast goes back on faster. Exercising, building muscle, eating to make your machine run well and long, that's whats going to make a healthful change. That's whats going to make you look HAUTE ;-)

In other news, I am really really excited because my husband let me order my dream swimsuit from . I can't wait to get it in the mail!! I've been looking for as long as I can remember for something like it and it was on sale with a big discount!! He also said he is planning "to surprise me" with a get away for us. I don't know when or where, but I am pretty sure it involves a Hot Spring. Oh the suspense.

As for Sit Ups, well, Day 16 I was stranded at home and did them on a mat in my bedroom that night. I wedged my feet in between the mattress and box spring. Day 17 was crazy busy. My girls group in the morning, The Kids Movie that night in town. Here's the crazy post about that. Anyhow, as my kids were chaining up the truck at 11:45 PM, on a lonely, dark stretch of road, I thought "OH NO!!" and I started doing them across the front seat of the Tundra using the driver side door handle to hook my feet. My kids all know I'm weird anyway and were distracted with chaining up the truck, which is a big job, so it was no big deal. I managed to get my 100 in before I turned into a pumpkin!! Whew!! That was a close one ;-) Day 18 was not nearly that dramatic, though I'd put it off again until night. When I was falling asleep, snuggled up reading a book in my bed, I forced myself to the floor and did the deed. Day 19 I did a nice routine of abd work in between ordering my dream swimwear and rocking the baby for her nap.

Back to the Basics, Eating Good requires YOUR planning ahead. Try Soaking rye berries and wild rice during the day (or you could try barley, wheat berries, whatever). In the evening, boil the be-jee-bies out of them. Once the grain starts softening and the rice begins to split open, as the water is dissipating, add some extra virgin olive oil, maybe a little scant butter. Other spices can be added in such as rosemary, parsley, pepper, salt, whatever flavors you enjoy. Also Costco's "Better than Bullion" makes a great base flavor along with some onions and other veggies. Eating whole grains will make you feel a lot better and you will be less hungry for longer periods of time.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Post My Daugher Says Is Dreadfully "Boring"

Here is the link to my post about Snowboarding on day 13. It was crazy fun!! After two exhausting hours, I got home and gave Sock Fashion Expert my omelet order. While she was preparing my personalized omelet, I did 91 sit ups. After that I retired to the hot tub and was no good for anything at all.
I had bought "Fitness Rx" Magazine whose cover made me great promises like "Never Be Fat Again" and "Get Toned Flat Abs" "Burn Fat Like Crazy"! I was all about that. On the cover was this real buff chick with ripped abs. As I walked by, she whispered to me that if I bought the issue, I could look like her. Immediately, I snatched it up laughing fiendishly and made great leaping bounds to the check out line.
Despite page 18 telling me a study said that "Swiss Balls are not effective for building core muscle", page 64 promises that "Swiss Ball Ab-Busters are proven moves for a flat tighter tummy." I decided that since I've got a lot to learn about working my abs, and since I've got the entire rest of the year to work on it, I might as well try some new moves. I'd been just about ready to throw out my Swiss Ball since I haven't used it in a very long time.
Day 14, I drug the ball out into the living room along with my magazine. Sock Fashion Expert sat in an easy chair strumming on her guitar. One of the boys sat in another chair reading a magazine. My husband was sitting on the couch snuggling with Moonbeam. I started out attempting "Roll Out". That went fairly well. Next it was the "Curl Up". "Curl Up's", "Crunches" and such are all the new lingo for variations of the "Sit Up". My husband and Moonbeam began whispering suspiciously. After that, I tried doing the "Pike". It felt a little bit strange sticking my butt up in the air while balancing on a big ball, all the while my children unenthusiastically looking on..... Next was the "plank", which, I improvised the coffee table for their funny bench thingy. By now, I had my husband's full attention and he was cahooting with Moonbeam about how to attack me with tickles. All I want to know is "Is there anybody out there who can do the "Three Point Plank" balancing off a Swiss Ball and Coffee Table? If you can, you deserve some kind of an award or honorable mention or something. Just leave a comment saying "I can do the 3-point plank" and I will be sure and name you and your blog in my next post :-) Anyway, just as I was preparing for the "side plank", my husband sprang like a cat off the couch attacking me with tickles. That is as far as I got that day.
Day 15 I wisely waited until they were all out hauling wood and did all of the routines. I think, at the least, if I'm going to incorporate those exercises on a weekly basis, it will take some practice. Today I will read the next article "Become a Fat-Burning Machine". I'll let you know how all that goes. In other news, I have made it through 2 Weeks of sit ups!! Hooray!!
Above recipe : Saute an onion in a small amount of oil with cumin, paprika, chili powder, cracked pepper, crushed red pepper, parsley, celery seed, other dried peppers if you have them. After a few minutes add in garlic, cayenne and bell pepper. Then add shredded left over wild game roast. Heat till warm. Pair with home made tortillas, from my last recipe post. Delicious, healthy, very little cost to make!! My Culinary Arts Friend always says to saute your spices. It will bring out each pungent flavor and aroma.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brussell Sprouts and Alien Boogers

Day 10 and 11 were pretty straight forward. Regular school days at home, I ran a couple of miles in sub zero temps and did my abd work like a good girl. Day 12, I had to get ready for work and was jealous that my kids were all heading out to go snow boarding. While they hauled in wood, I farted around on the computer and Moonbeam fell asleep in my arms. At long last, I saw it was almost time to leave and so i forced myself into them.

Other honorable mentions thus far : I introduced a new vegetable to the family. I got a giant bag of brussel sprouts from Costco and steamed them. I tried them once at a friends house and liked them then, or the one i tried any way. That is my only experience with the little critters. At any rate, I was hoping my family would try them and not freak. To my great fortune my husband proclaimed loudly that they looked like "Alien Boogers", which caused all the kids to try them with an open mind. Even my husband, though leary, put one on his plate. Nobody hated them, though no one is all that fond of them either. Anybody have any suggestions what to do with a big container full of left over steamed "alien boogers"? I am open to suggestions.......

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sit Ups Seat

Out with the old, In with the New

I mustered my way through day 7 of sit ups like a trooper. Day 8 was the day we were to leave for the big city. Thankfully, I got them done that morning before we left. I didn't want to find myself doing them in a dark alley behind Herbergers or anything like that. Day 9 I started doing abd work on the hotel room bed that morning while I was waiting for Super Catman to don swim trunks. It didn't take him long, and so it was cut rather short. I didn't think about it again until I was trapped in the Suburban on the L-O-N-G drive home that night. I started rearranging stuff on the front seat, smiling at my husband who assumed I was preparing for a nap. After padding the door handle and the buckles, I slipped my feet under his big, muscular thigh. He eyed me telling me I could use his jacket to cover up with. I smiled innocently nestling down onto the seat. "One" "Two" "Three", I began doing my sit ups across the front seat of the Suburban. "Does that feet thing bother you?" I asked nonchalantly, hoping it didn't. "How long are you going to do that for?" he wanted to know. That was all he said until I got to number "100". All the while I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing my kids were sleeping and that it was also a good thing that my husband puts up with my crazy antics. What sane and non obsessive person does 100 sit ups across the front seat of a Suburban on a long boring trip? Stay tuned and find out what could possibly happen next?

Friday, January 7, 2011

sit ups.... the saga continues

i just wanted to let blog world know that I haven't stopped despite the terrible odds against me...... imagine rocky type music as you are reading please...... Any how, I have been meaning to blog for the past few days, but it has been crazy busy. I also wanted to put up a couple of blog tickers but that hasn't happened yet either. After my last entry on Jan 3, I got called into work that next night. In a hurry to get my abd work done before work, as I was diligently doing my sit ups, Moonbeam came along and sat on me. She made some loud sounds, accompanied by an unpleasant odor and said "TOOT". I groaned and turned over beginning my backward sit ups. Undaunted, she sat on me again this time saying "giddy up horse". I always become the multi task queen before work and this event didn't seem much different than the other crazy list of things I try to accomplish before I'm out the door.
On the 5th, I did my sit ups in a haze of sleep deprived hang over. Then I took Miss Moonbeam out for a "sled yide" through the forest and around the loop. She looked so cute in her new fluffy pink coat I had to snap about a million shots.
On the 6th, it was crazy again. I got invited to a friend's for the afternoon. I was sleepy all that morning and dozed on the couch after doing school with Super Catman. I woke up with a start, knowing I was supposed to go visiting that afternoon and hosting Bible Study in my home that evening! I rushed to the kitchen for some coffee and to start noodles boiling. While the noodles boiled I did 48 sit ups. Then I hurriedly rushed out the door right after lunch. Some time between company and company, I did another 10 minutes of abd work. It was a bit chaotic, but I got the job done.
To tell you the truth, I think abd work is incredibly boring and I have a really really hard time getting it done. If I can do it today, I will have accomplished a week - selah.... amazing. I am really no worse for the wear. Tomorrow is our trip to the big city. I wonder if I will have trouble getting it done in the motel room with my kids razzing me ;-) We shall see..... oh the suspense....

Monday, January 3, 2011


oh am i hurting!! i decided that today would be the day that i needed to get back to running so i did. i ran 2 miles with my ice spikes on the snowy road. Oh I was sweating and tired when I got back!! That's when the boys said "Mom PLEASE PLEASE come snow boarding with us!!" Well how can you say "no" to boys who want their mom along on an outing? Of course I couldn't and so after changing my wet, sweat soaked shirt, I donned my snowboarding duds. I began to question my sanity when I hiked up the hill the first time and every other time as well. I have the hot tub heating up, but I am not letting myself go down there until I have at least done 20 sit ups. I've already broken an ab record doing two days in a row and I can't stop now ;-) As you remember, on the first I did them while I was dying my hair. Yesterday I did 20 minutes of abd work while I was waiting for my new profile photo to upload on face book and blogger. Today, well today if I can accomplish just 20 sit ups after all that running and snow boarding it will be enough for me ;-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sit Up and DYE!!

I woke up this morning with out a lot of motivation. It didn't feel like a New Year at all, and I began having second thoughts about starting anything consequential. My mood was remarkably improved after getting up late, snuggling with my husband and a steaming cup of joe. Then I felt better.
My big goal of the day was to dye my hair before work and have my daughter cut it. Just when I was heading into the bathroom to do the dreadful deed, my husband offered to let me go along and test drive a car he'd been working on. I didn't need a lot of excuse and I was soon off on a romantic test spin. Upon returning, I drug myself to the bathroom to take on the dreaded task. It occurred to me that since it was my first of 365 days of sit ups that I should probably accomplish this goal as well. After the painstaking process of spreading colorant onto each hair root, I knotted up my dying tresses, and with 20 minutes to wait I began crunches on the bathroom floor. It occurred to me that this was a strange way to begin a 365 day ritual. After a variety of abd exercises, 20 minutes had elapsed and it was time to hit the shower to rinse out my colorant and add the conditioning packet. The whole abd thing was not a painful addition to the day, though the coloring process seemed to be. Consequently, my daughter cut my hair afterward and I even let her cut in some...... bangs. I almost couldn't do it I was so afraid, but I forced myself to live on the edge a little ;-) When I got to work I received many compliments including someone telling me I looked like a "12 year old girl". Oh I am floating about that one.....

The other thing I did today before work was to attempt to take some "before" shots of my abds. I was advised by my husband that I would not be putting up a shot of my bare belly in blog land so I took a lot of them fully clothed. No matter what angle I shot it at, I just didn't seem to look fat. When the pug's mama saw me yesterday, she said "oh you are so tiny". I wanted to argue with her, but instead I said "thank you". Add to that yesterday I stepped on the scale and it said "127". I didn't believe it. Today, after my bad New Year's Eve salty junk food, it was "133". It finally dawned on me that I really am not fat. After the weights and pictures, I had to conclude that I only have a fat brain residual.

How did your first day of the New Year go?