Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Way I Embarrass My Children

clay pigeon shooting (a family affair)
Snow Boarding Day with My Older Kids
My Dear Husband Eats Broccoli and Likes It
She Prefers Her Yogurt with A Straw
Trying Out The New Flour Mill

I like to keep up the illusion in my mind that I am a touch chic.  Unfortunately, every once in a while that all comes crashing down and I am reduced to a mess of awkward emotions.  This was the case with Clay Pigeon Shooting (as it usually is).  My entire family LOVES the sport!!  Of course the men are always good and shoot like pros.  My 17 year old, Saphira, is AMAZING.  She could seriously do competitions.  She has uncanny skill.  Super Catman wowed everybody this time too.  Even my daughter in law, Ali Cat showed a lot of spirit nailing some far shots.  Then there's me.  I was all excited, got up there with a great attitude.......and........ shot off an entire box of shells and DIDN'T hit one airborne target.  How embarrassing.  Awkward silence.  Nobody says anything at all.  I just stand there as if time stopped.  I try not to tear up.  Its no fun stinking at something everybody else loves.  However, I try to put myself in other peoples positions.  Some of us aren't as good of swimmers or at snowboarding.  I'm always proud of whatever progress my family makes.  The important thing isn't to spend the next week ashamed of my failures.  Its to move on and keep pushing at being better in other things.  I'm not particularly excited about next round with the ol' shot guns, but I'm still gonna go out there and shoot a box and probably be just as embarrassed.  Art Dog promises that eventually, it is very probable that I will hit a target if I keep aiming the gun and shooting at them.  Sometimes in life we just gotta suck things up.
Here's some more thing learned, progress this month :
- Upon a follow up apt for my boys who both had broken bones, the orthopaedist told us that 90% of North Idaho is Vitamin D deficient.  He strongly recommended we start supplementing.  I'm not into doing all sorts of vitamins, but he had a lot of knowledge on the subject, so I suppose a little "D" won't hurt to add to our diets.
- 300 lbs of grain is still sitting in bags in my kitchen awaiting a bee in my bonnet to be dealt with (ugh).  Its going to take a little bit of work to get this flour grinding and grain storage thing off the ground.
-  As pictured above, my dear husband, who had strongly refused to eat broccoli for as long as I have known him, strangely decided to try the organic stuff I bought.  Amazingly he liked it.  It has been hard to spend the money on organics, but I am thankful for the added blessings it has brought.
I am sooo sore from snowboarding the other day.  Hooo Doggies.  I wish I could fit that into my schedule more often :-)  It felt really really good to be up there.  Best boarding I've done in a long time.