Saturday, December 1, 2012

10 LBS and Counting.....

Fun Day out in The North Face, Canada

Girls Day Out (and my day off from counting calories)

My Doe This Year (Part of our families organic meat supply)

How My Son Packed It Out!!

My Son, Art Dog's Mule Buck (providing organic meat for us)

Just Before Our Town's "Turkey Trot" - my daugter was the first female across the finish line :-)

So this one is from summer, but I put it up because I'm so thankful we did that hard work now and have organic huckleberries for winter :-)

   I promised myself I would not post until I hit 129, and I've seen 128 now 3x, so I suppose I'm way overdue :-)
 -  I am thankful for the organic meat supply of elk, bears and deer that my family has harvested this season.  It is a healthy staple for my family.
 - I've been experimenting with soaking and boiling, and then sauteing grains such as barley, wheat, rye in place of pasta and white rice.  Its working out pretty well - healthier and more economical.
 - On my 5th week of counting calories and I am down 10 lbs and counting - encouraging :-)
 - I read most of Jillian's Book "Master Your Metabolism".....pretty deep reading.
 - Ran our Town's Turkey Trot 5K with my daughter and friend.  Was real proud my daughter was the first female finisher.  Also its the best time I've ever run, but don't tell anybody, I'm pretty slow ;-)  29 min, 18 sec.
     Over all, its been a good month and things are going along as they should, though it feels painfully slow :-)

Goals for this month include adding in weight training, and a grocery budget (YUCK!)