Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Post My Daugher Says Is Dreadfully "Boring"

Here is the link to my post about Snowboarding on day 13. It was crazy fun!! After two exhausting hours, I got home and gave Sock Fashion Expert my omelet order. While she was preparing my personalized omelet, I did 91 sit ups. After that I retired to the hot tub and was no good for anything at all.
I had bought "Fitness Rx" Magazine whose cover made me great promises like "Never Be Fat Again" and "Get Toned Flat Abs" "Burn Fat Like Crazy"! I was all about that. On the cover was this real buff chick with ripped abs. As I walked by, she whispered to me that if I bought the issue, I could look like her. Immediately, I snatched it up laughing fiendishly and made great leaping bounds to the check out line.
Despite page 18 telling me a study said that "Swiss Balls are not effective for building core muscle", page 64 promises that "Swiss Ball Ab-Busters are proven moves for a flat tighter tummy." I decided that since I've got a lot to learn about working my abs, and since I've got the entire rest of the year to work on it, I might as well try some new moves. I'd been just about ready to throw out my Swiss Ball since I haven't used it in a very long time.
Day 14, I drug the ball out into the living room along with my magazine. Sock Fashion Expert sat in an easy chair strumming on her guitar. One of the boys sat in another chair reading a magazine. My husband was sitting on the couch snuggling with Moonbeam. I started out attempting "Roll Out". That went fairly well. Next it was the "Curl Up". "Curl Up's", "Crunches" and such are all the new lingo for variations of the "Sit Up". My husband and Moonbeam began whispering suspiciously. After that, I tried doing the "Pike". It felt a little bit strange sticking my butt up in the air while balancing on a big ball, all the while my children unenthusiastically looking on..... Next was the "plank", which, I improvised the coffee table for their funny bench thingy. By now, I had my husband's full attention and he was cahooting with Moonbeam about how to attack me with tickles. All I want to know is "Is there anybody out there who can do the "Three Point Plank" balancing off a Swiss Ball and Coffee Table? If you can, you deserve some kind of an award or honorable mention or something. Just leave a comment saying "I can do the 3-point plank" and I will be sure and name you and your blog in my next post :-) Anyway, just as I was preparing for the "side plank", my husband sprang like a cat off the couch attacking me with tickles. That is as far as I got that day.
Day 15 I wisely waited until they were all out hauling wood and did all of the routines. I think, at the least, if I'm going to incorporate those exercises on a weekly basis, it will take some practice. Today I will read the next article "Become a Fat-Burning Machine". I'll let you know how all that goes. In other news, I have made it through 2 Weeks of sit ups!! Hooray!!
Above recipe : Saute an onion in a small amount of oil with cumin, paprika, chili powder, cracked pepper, crushed red pepper, parsley, celery seed, other dried peppers if you have them. After a few minutes add in garlic, cayenne and bell pepper. Then add shredded left over wild game roast. Heat till warm. Pair with home made tortillas, from my last recipe post. Delicious, healthy, very little cost to make!! My Culinary Arts Friend always says to saute your spices. It will bring out each pungent flavor and aroma.

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  1. Congrats on keeping this going - laughed at this post, very funny how we are sucked in by those checkstand promises - happens to me too all the time:-)