Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sit Up and DYE!!

I woke up this morning with out a lot of motivation. It didn't feel like a New Year at all, and I began having second thoughts about starting anything consequential. My mood was remarkably improved after getting up late, snuggling with my husband and a steaming cup of joe. Then I felt better.
My big goal of the day was to dye my hair before work and have my daughter cut it. Just when I was heading into the bathroom to do the dreadful deed, my husband offered to let me go along and test drive a car he'd been working on. I didn't need a lot of excuse and I was soon off on a romantic test spin. Upon returning, I drug myself to the bathroom to take on the dreaded task. It occurred to me that since it was my first of 365 days of sit ups that I should probably accomplish this goal as well. After the painstaking process of spreading colorant onto each hair root, I knotted up my dying tresses, and with 20 minutes to wait I began crunches on the bathroom floor. It occurred to me that this was a strange way to begin a 365 day ritual. After a variety of abd exercises, 20 minutes had elapsed and it was time to hit the shower to rinse out my colorant and add the conditioning packet. The whole abd thing was not a painful addition to the day, though the coloring process seemed to be. Consequently, my daughter cut my hair afterward and I even let her cut in some...... bangs. I almost couldn't do it I was so afraid, but I forced myself to live on the edge a little ;-) When I got to work I received many compliments including someone telling me I looked like a "12 year old girl". Oh I am floating about that one.....

The other thing I did today before work was to attempt to take some "before" shots of my abds. I was advised by my husband that I would not be putting up a shot of my bare belly in blog land so I took a lot of them fully clothed. No matter what angle I shot it at, I just didn't seem to look fat. When the pug's mama saw me yesterday, she said "oh you are so tiny". I wanted to argue with her, but instead I said "thank you". Add to that yesterday I stepped on the scale and it said "127". I didn't believe it. Today, after my bad New Year's Eve salty junk food, it was "133". It finally dawned on me that I really am not fat. After the weights and pictures, I had to conclude that I only have a fat brain residual.

How did your first day of the New Year go?

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