Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haute Topics

Here's what I'm having for dinner, actually left overs drug over in a zip lock bag to the hospital where I work. It will still be a lot better than what everybody else has ;-) Look below for my whole grain recipe ideas................

Let me get this beef off my chest before I begin anything else - If you want to lose weight and keep it off, I really don't think fad dieting is the way to go. Lately, the fad a lot of people are doing, is the HCG diet. I don't want to burst anybodies bubble, but there is a lot more to looking good than just losing weight. A 500 calorie diet does not discriminate between fat and muscle. It will take them both. I, personally, believe that we should be eating from all the food groups that the Good Lord gave us. Nobody got fat eating moderately, whole grains and vegetables. Nobody got fat eating a serving of lean wild meat or healthful dairy. We all got fat eating frozen pizza, 3 helpings of pasta and 12 chocolate chip cookies. That's a life change that we have to alter for good and not the life of a crash diet. Its good to want to lose the weight, but there are no "get rich quick" schemes in eating. What comes off fast goes back on faster. Exercising, building muscle, eating to make your machine run well and long, that's whats going to make a healthful change. That's whats going to make you look HAUTE ;-)

In other news, I am really really excited because my husband let me order my dream swimsuit from . I can't wait to get it in the mail!! I've been looking for as long as I can remember for something like it and it was on sale with a big discount!! He also said he is planning "to surprise me" with a get away for us. I don't know when or where, but I am pretty sure it involves a Hot Spring. Oh the suspense.

As for Sit Ups, well, Day 16 I was stranded at home and did them on a mat in my bedroom that night. I wedged my feet in between the mattress and box spring. Day 17 was crazy busy. My girls group in the morning, The Kids Movie that night in town. Here's the crazy post about that. Anyhow, as my kids were chaining up the truck at 11:45 PM, on a lonely, dark stretch of road, I thought "OH NO!!" and I started doing them across the front seat of the Tundra using the driver side door handle to hook my feet. My kids all know I'm weird anyway and were distracted with chaining up the truck, which is a big job, so it was no big deal. I managed to get my 100 in before I turned into a pumpkin!! Whew!! That was a close one ;-) Day 18 was not nearly that dramatic, though I'd put it off again until night. When I was falling asleep, snuggled up reading a book in my bed, I forced myself to the floor and did the deed. Day 19 I did a nice routine of abd work in between ordering my dream swimwear and rocking the baby for her nap.

Back to the Basics, Eating Good requires YOUR planning ahead. Try Soaking rye berries and wild rice during the day (or you could try barley, wheat berries, whatever). In the evening, boil the be-jee-bies out of them. Once the grain starts softening and the rice begins to split open, as the water is dissipating, add some extra virgin olive oil, maybe a little scant butter. Other spices can be added in such as rosemary, parsley, pepper, salt, whatever flavors you enjoy. Also Costco's "Better than Bullion" makes a great base flavor along with some onions and other veggies. Eating whole grains will make you feel a lot better and you will be less hungry for longer periods of time.

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  1. You mean 12 cookies isn't one serving? Darn and here I thouhgt I was doing good! :-}
    I agree fad dieting is not a healthy way to loose weight!
    I too have a goal to get in 100 belly busters (my nickname for various ab exercises) each day. I have not done them each day but I'm working on that!

    Glad to hear I'm not the only "weird" parent out there. My kids laugh when I start doing arm weights while we are doing school at the table or when I do squats while they play outside.
    You gotta do what you can to get them in!