Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm having a really really hard time finding FAT pictures of me. Now don't believe for a second that I wasn't fat, because honestly, I have lost almost 50 lbs. I just avoided the camera in those days. I was reading that weight loss/fitness blogs should have a "before" picture, and so today I searched diligently for some. These are the best I could come up with, and I don't think they're all that impressive. I also didn't want to use any pregnant pics, because (obviously) that doesn't count. For a long time, I didn't weigh myself at all, nor did I measure. Those habits came later. I DO distinctly remember the day I walked into a WalMart dressing room and discovered that 14 Petite no longer fit. I shrugged my shoulders and found some 16 Petites, resigning to have climbed yet another size. Today I'm doing 8's and 10's. It was about a year later when I actually started recording my weights consistently. In my old records, I found I had logged "176" non pregnant, though I could have easily been more. Any how, I will keep searching........
Day 27 I was suffering through a sleep hangover after my 2 - 12 hour night shifts, but I managed my 100 sit ups and a quick hike with the Hubby. Day 28 I'd been feeling sluggish all day. I forced myself out for a hike. I was kind of frustrated because the roads are iced bad again and The Sock Fashion Expert recommended NOT RUNNING on them, so I Nordic Walked 4 miles. By evening, I still hadn't done them, though I had done a variety of junk food. Then I got the call that my friends were inviting me over for a movie. I KNEW it would be midnight before I was back, so, like a good girl, I did my 100. Day 29 I diligently did the "Swiss Ball Ab-Busters!" earlier on in the day..........


  1. I think most of us hide from the camera when we're at our fat weight.
    I was trying a while back to find some of my old fat picts and had a hard time finding me in any picture. Sad.
    50 lbs! That's great!
    I had lost 45lbs when I hit 145. But after this summer and my knee injury I've climbed back up some. And now working on my way back down.
    Glad you made yourself get out and take a hike.
    And good job on the 100! That's great!

  2. Hard to believe that was you! You look so fit now! Good for you - and glad to hear you are keeping up the sit-ups...I think of you often, and have been out twice now for long walks with the boys, just because of you!

    Smiles and wishing you a wonderful Sunday!!!

  3. You are doing such a great job consistently getting those sit-ups in! I'm proud of you. :)

    And I thought of you when I was snowshoeing yesterday morning before church!