Wednesday, December 1, 2010

death to "Operation Hawaii"

Pic from our community wreathing party - I brought my wreather and rings and donated myself with it to helping the women of the community make wreaths. One lady brought ribbons. Many brought boughs. It was a fun day. It felt good to give to others. I will probably post about it on my other blog.

Just a quick post to say I am officially ending my "Operation Hawaii" plan. Here are my reasons :

1. The name depresses me with all this cold snowy weather.

2. It isn't practical to follow, especially this time of year.

3. Every time I have to alter the plan, I get this "all or nothing" mentality that seems dangerous to the ultimate goal.

4. The name depresses me with all this cold snowy weather. Oh yeah, i guess i said that.

I had a couple of intense exercise days. Yesterday I NORDIC WALKED 4 miles on snowy roads. That was exhausting. You may want to read about my many adventures in Nordic Walking on my other blog over the past couple of winters. The only excitement that day was a man whose car was buried in the ditch. A tractor was crossing the entire road and couldn't get the thing out.

Today I cross country skied for about an hour. Whew!! I really worked up a sweat. I can tell I am finally getting into a winter groove exercise wise. As for food well that's another story. As I mentioned, I have had a hard time following my plan. I think I will think on it for a few days. I did step on the scale last night and it was 128-129 lbs. That was shocking. This morning it was 130. Not sure how I'm pulling that off. When I look at the pictures of the wreathing party I just helped host, I do look thinner but certainly don't have the toned look I want. Well anyway, back to the drawing board with a survivable plan for the holidays :-) I am open to anybodies suggestions................

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