Thursday, December 30, 2010

365 Days of Sit Ups!

Does it clash that bad ?

What do you think of that for a New Years goal? No, not being more color coordinated, though I could use some help there too ;-) The 365 days of sit ups/abd work I mean? On the edge of New Years Eve, I am trying to come up with some kind of a good challenge. Its been a year now that I've been able to stay under 140lbs (on my scales) to my best knowledge. Last New Years Eve, I was up over that but hadn't been for a long long time. Most of the year I've been under 135. I've successfully kept the weight off, but I still have that last 10-20 lbs to go that I've never gotten rid of along with with some flab. I'm thinking 365 days of sit ups might just accomplish a long wished for goal :-) I've also been thinking on putting up a running ticker and maybe one for swimming in the summer. Those are kinds of fun ways to keep track. I just don't know. Do you think 365 days of sit ups is too drastic a goal? Every time I try to start a sit ups/abd work regime, I get bored and quit. Maybe if I blog the challenge it will happen ;-) Kind of like the movie "Julie and Julia" - lol!!

In other news, I have decided to construct a cheese cake. Yes, a cheese cake. Since I'm going to get really serious in 2 days, I figured I should do some kind of an end of the year hurrah if you will. I hope this doesn't offend anybody. I was just reading in Oxygen Magazine one reader telling the Editor that she hopes he "rots in hell" because he eats occasional candy bars and also occasionally has a glass of wine. Ugh!


  1. Sounds like a great goal and like I should join you! I have about 20 lbs of baby weight left to take off and the belly is always an area I need to work on! I say go for it!


  2. Should my hubby mail you one? :) (He just offered.)

    How about 6 days of sit-ups, 1 off? That way it's a little more realistic and if you miss one morning you haven't blown the whole goal. It's an awesome goal, though! I might join you if I weren't preggo!

    BTW, you look very skinny skiing!!

  3. I think it sounds good,the cheesecake and the situps.
    hoping someone rots in hell cause they are eating a candy bar sounds distinctly like jealousy. lol. enjoy.