Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Carbon Copies (AKA Kids)

Okay, I have a confession right off the start!! These pictures are from making egg rolls yesterday. After frying them, my daughter suggested we try baking them next time (GREAT IDEA SOCK FASHION EXPERT)!! Some time i will let you know how that goes. Good thing is is that as you can see, Moonbeam is enjoying vegetables :-) One thing I want to point out on this post, and probably will again is that your kids WILL copy you. If they see you eating a handful of chocolate chips, they will go to the freezer and get them self a handful (or harass you for yours). If they see you eating a cookie, they immediately want one. If you sit in the living room eating an apple with peanut butter, your kids will come up and eat half the apple off your plate before you can scarf the thing down. These are the foods they will become accustomed to and what will build their body - good or bad. These are the habits that they will acquire for a life time, or until they work hard to do otherwise. You and I cannot be obese alone. We curse our children with the same eating habits whether we like it or not.
Yesterday, as The Sock Fashion Expert and I were sitting down eating the egg rolls after working in the kitchen making them together, we talked about the "old days" (a couple of years ago.) I used to eat four. So did she. I felt sick after 2 1/2. She felt sick after 2. "Remember when I used to be fat?" she asks me. "I'm never going back to that". I tell her she was never fat. There was a time, though, when I was around 176 lbs and she was not wearing regular kid sizes. She was in the pretty plus section. That's when she wanted 2 burgers at the McDonald's drive in and I would let her have them because I was eating 2 burgers too. I'm not wanting to sound harsh. Its reality. Today my daughter is 14, VERY HEALTHY and looks fabulous. She hikes every day. She is less than 90 lbs, but vibrant. She has a tiny waist, and frame. She has the figure most women would kill for. She eats incredibly well. She never ever starves herself or eats in a dysfunctional manner. She knows how to enjoy food without binging. I wish I had her eating habits. She some how learned what I am trying to accomplish way ahead of me. She amazes me.
I quit bringing donuts home years ago, but I decided for Christmas I would as a special treat. My 19 year old son, who I often tease "is the perfect specimen of a man" immediately told me he didn't want his share. He used to do that a few years ago when I would bring home donuts too. The other thing he refuses to do is eat at buffets. He becomes incredibly disturbed watching people over eat at them. Last time I was pregnant, I took the kids to a buffet because I was craving Chinese. He wouldn't even eat. He also refused to eat at a pizza buffet during that pregnancy as well. It was a waste of money paying for him to eat with us. In the end I had to promise him not to take him to one again. I know that sounds kind of strange, but its true. He honestly can't stand watching people over eat. He also does probably 200 sit ups every night and has abs of steel. He hikes up and down mountains. He is the fittest 19 year old man that I know. If he sees me over eating, he will get after me. BTW, I don't think he ate any of our egg rolls either. He inspires me.
Some how, over the past few years, my older kids have gained an IRON STRONG conviction about fitness and healthy eating and they don't waiver. Why do I still waiver? I don't know this answer, but I know I have done something right with them in the last few years. If you looked at my family 5 years ago, you would have seen things a lot different.
Does Anybody have any good ideas for New Years Resolutions or plans? I'm open to suggestions :-)


  1. thanks for visiting my blog + you have the cutest kiddies!

    I love the point that you made about children following what we eat. I don't have children as yet, but I have a 10 year old sister that looks up to me and by me trying to live a healthier lifestyle - I'm hoping that will affect her in a positive way.

  2. What adorable children you have! May you and your family be richly blessed in the new year.

  3. So true that kids eat what we do! Kardelen never even knew what chocolate was until she was old enough to realize I was snitching when she wasn't looking!

    Thanks for being a good example of this. I know you're not perfect, but just making it a goal is inspiring!

    BTW, any wise advice for tired pregnant moms who want to exercise with their kids in the winter? (aside from snowshoeing)