Saturday, December 11, 2010


i should have seen it coming. After all, I am an RN and have been in health care practically all my life, well since age 16 to be exact. i've just been fighting a terrible case of the "D" word. In case you don't know what that "D" word is, I'll tell you, but its hard getting it out. Okay, here goes.......d-e-n-i-a-l. Whew! Okay I said it. It also doesn't help that I've had this "feeling" I should be putting more time into my core.
So as I was saying, or about to, sigh, after that hard 3 mile ski, something, er, "happened". I got a back ache. Well as every good person in denial does, I didn't accept that I could possibly have a back problem. The next day it seemed better, so I Nordic Hiked in the snow for 4 miles. I got home and it hurt worse. This time I was a little alarmed. I've NEVER had back problems, EVER!! All the nurses and aides have back problems but NOT ME!! I am immune, or so I thought. Any way, the kids prayed for me and I started popping Tylenol, ibuprofen and alieve. Yes, I know, I should have slowed down. Yes, I was in denial and even brainless, but again, I pushed myself. This time it was another 3 mile ski trek on icy surfaces with my friend Elasta Woman. I was feeling better (most likely due to all the anti inflammatory meds) and I thought going slow would be okay. The minute I got out there, I could feel the pain but I WANTED A GOOD WORKOUT IN!! By now you are probably wondering if my brain took off to Hawaii without me and so am I. Long story short, I am going to have to force myself to take some mandatory time off from exercise. Oh the agony!! Even yesterday when the pain finally eased up, I popped the Tylenol and took the baby outside. I noticed that the steps needed shoveling off. Before I even thought, I picked up the shovel and started in. Immediately, I could feel the pain and I knew I had to force myself to stop. I had to fight every instinct within me. I love to exert my energy. I love the endorphins. I love it but I can't have it right now and I'm going to have to adjust my eating even more to compensate for its loss. THIS IS TERRIBLE!!
While I'm on a roll with the set backs, I'll continue on before I start in with the positive :
2. We were just blessed with 8 boxes of bread products. I'm super thankful, really I am, but now our house is over run with carbs and its going to be hard to control.
3. I only have 2 days scheduled at work this month. I LOVE the time off with my kids. I don't like not having a lot to do because then I eat out of boredom, especially when i can't exercise. Its also a stressor knowing our income will go down which could cause me to want to turn to food. These are just potential challenges I am seeing.
4. Tis the Season and I like to eat!! How am I ever going to avoid gaining weight? We also got blessed with 40 or so expired marinades and salad dressings along with about 10-15 fat free mayos. I am into organic, whole fats, whole - clean food eating. I need to make use of these free goods somehow even if they're not what I would normally buy. Any suggestions?
5. Its hard to feel inspired to blog on a new blog that isn't established.
Okay, well now that you see all of the challenges I'm facing, here are a few of my positive thoughts :
1. With Every Challenge, God makes a way for us to overcome them. He promises that there is "No temptation greater than which we can bear." and that He will "provide a way of escape".
2. I have extra time to focus on cooking healthy - lol!!
3. I do have the hot tub to do some self imposed physical therapy in.
4. My kids are really helpful.
5. I've been having the kids do a lot of organizing and cleaning now that we're in a slower season. The toy closet, bedrooms and kitchen have been thoroughly cleaned and organized. Bags upon bags of trash went out and its much more livable now. That feels good.
6. Maybe i'll start some sprouting.
7. I've got at least 2 trips to the Big City this month for Super Catman's braces, so I can buy some bulk healthier fruits and veggies.
8. I do have a freezer full of organic wild meat, organic cherries, huckleberries, plums, etc. I can chose to cook healthy.
9. I'm not in denial any more and I can start moving forward, first by allowing my body time to heal.


Home Made Tortillas (adapted from

2 Cups Flour (1/2-3/4) of total flour should be whole wheat.

2/3 Cup H20

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup oil

Must let them rest 1/2 hour covered in plastic wrap before rolling out. A wonderful, healthful whole grain option. Serve with organic taco meat and a host of veggies!


  1. Good for you! For coming out of your denial and for making a plan for this season. You're inspiring. :)


  2. What is Moonbeam eating in that first picture with your homemade tortillas?