Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working Mom Blues and "Operation Hawaii"

Back on my other blog, I announced "Operation Hawaii", my plan to work on healthy eating. In recapping - I started that on 10/27 which was mainly eating clean, whole foods and avoiding processed/white sugar/flour/portion control/etc.. I completed the first week of that, which wasn't easy and then had a rest day where I ate some of the disallowed foods. I just figured that if I was going to try and do it on a long term basis then I needed to have a day every week where I could eat some of the things (like white flour pasta) that I was missing out on. I've never quite done the "off once a week thing" or outlawed processed foods, so its a bit of an experiment. That first week I gained a pound, which, I have decided to blame on PMS, yes PMS. I did lose 1/2 - 1 inch mostly everywhere. At any rate, I'm well into my 2nd week of "Operation Hawaii". That all sounds rather boring, and I hope I haven't put anybody to sleep.
Some of the ways I've broadened my horizons a little in the fitness department has been with biking. I'm even going to add it to my blogger "interests" list. Really, for some reason, I had this idea that biking wasn't real exercise. Let me tell you, biking on wet gravel and dirt while climbing hills with a baby on board BURNED BAD and I am way less cynical of biking. I also liked it because Super Catman and Moonbeam LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Moonbeam threw a big ol' hissy the first 2 days when the ride was over and refused to get out of her seat. Since I'm on my 3rd 12-hr night shift, biking with the kids in my tiny window of family time has been a good multi tasker (time with them plus exercise).
I also may have avoided the whole bike thing because I quite possibly have the most embarrassing bike known to chicks. I got it on clearance from Walmart like 10 years ago. I tried giving it away twice and it was given back to me twice - FOR REAL!! It's green, but splattered with red paint. I got the baby seat for $2 at a "Your Trash Is Also Our Trash" type outdoor sale. It was right next to some adult uh - play items. Again, not kidding. It looked like it came straight out of the 70's. I considered photographing myself and Moonbeam on it together, but I was fearful that somebody would submit the picture to's "redneck transportation" section .

Super Catman's rides aren't all that stylish either. He alternates between a variety of bikes. The first, whose seat wobbles up and down when he least expects it. It causes only occasional crashes. The next one is tiny and he can't ride it properly. The next is a girls bike which he is embarrassed to ride. I don't know what happened to his good bike, but it seems it, too, has some morbid disability. ALL OF THEM are vicious and have terrible appetites. Each one, often and unprovoked, attacks his pant legs. He has gotten to the point of rolling up one pant leg to his thigh when he rides so as to avoid getting it caught. This presents an odd image to the neighbors, who I am always hoping, do not examine our "rides" too closely. Another calamity that continually befalls the lad is that the bike chains of most of them often prefer not to associate themselves with the rest of the bike. They are snobs for sure, each and every one of them. I can't count the times he tells me to "hold up" because his bike chain has fallen off once again. Despite all this bike drama, Super Catman never complains if somebody will only take him out for a ride. After my recent rides, I was all about stealing a few minutes in my hot tub. Something about having that hot tub waiting for me seems to make work outs outdoors a little more appealing.
In other news, I have contacted my first person to interview, but I haven't heard back. Yes, this prestigious opportunity has not been accepted yet - lol. Also, Kudos to The Sock Fashion Expert who made wonderful home made whole wheat tortillas with lean wild burger for tacos. I piled on the veggies with salsa too. They made great meals while I've been working. Best wishes to you, fitness pilgrims, march on through the weekend :-)

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