Saturday, November 13, 2010

Balance - A True Friend

I'm sure you've all been on edge just waiting to hear my latest update on my "Operation Hawaii" eating plan ;-) Well I'm happy to report it was mostly good. I made some progress this week even though I didn't think I had :
* I saw 130.6 on the scale this morning - woohoo!! Of course I do fluctuate, but I haven't seen that number since intensive swim training - usually July. Its hard to get to that this time of the year. I am also down a couple of mid-gutt inches.
* I ran 4 miles without stopping for a cool down after two (like I usually do).
* I didn't freak out under stress and eat bad (like I usually do) when I'm doing intensive Emergency Room training/classes. The hospital provides lunch, so I got the ham from the dinner and ate it with salad bar. That was progress. I didn't eat any of the provided array of chocolates, but I did eat a mini bran muffin that am (which was fine). When Nurse Happy Sunny Day brought bakery cookies I did take one. Then I felt guilty about it so I only ate half and threw the rest of it away. I really shocked myself there.
I'm still maintaining mostly eating organic, clean, healthier foods without processed /white sugar/ much white flour,etc.. Of course I'm giving myself every 8th day off and eating whatever I think I missed out on. This week it was chicken nuggets with mac/cheese (dinner), McRib and fries (lunch), a cookie, a carmel, etc.. No binging or anything like that - just non healthy things in mostly moderation.
I'm also not being all psycho about it. The other day when I was gone Sock Fashion Expert put on a pizza crust with whole wheat flour. That was fine. I had made the sauce. The concern was the pepperoni which I really really wanted. I decided to have 1 pepperoni on both slices of pizza. That wasn't a big deal. Balance is my true friend ultimate goal.
This plan started out a little bit frustrating for me because I didn't see any immediate difference. I just had to keep doing it. That's not far off from my plans for Hawaii either. I have to keep filling out travel nursing applications, filing paperwork, etc.. There is no guarantee that I will ever get to Hawaii. A lot of things could fall through. My husband might decide that its not the best choice for our family right now - fine. Who knows? Maybe I'll decide the same thing. The employers/interviewers might decide that I'm not the best candidate - fine. All kinds of unknowns could cause the whole idea to fall through - fine. Hawaii for sure will never happen for me if I don't do some pro active things though. There isn't even a chance if it coming together if I don't fill out the papers, watch the travel nurse gigs, etc.. I have to do something for there even to be a chance of it happening. Its the same with my eating and exercise plans. I might not see results today or tomorrow, but I just have to keep doing it by faith. Theres no doubt in my mind that someday I'm going to get to see Hawaii some how. I just don't know when. It has to be the same way with the whole weight loss / fitness journey. Sometimes you just have to use your faith and keep doing the practical. Its inevitable, you will see results at some point.
Here is an exciting fitness adventure (on my other blog) about my latest deer hunt (don't click if dead things gross you out).

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