Friday, November 26, 2010

A Few Set Backs.....

My Son (Archer) with His Recent Prize
And Our Good, Organic Winter Meat Supply

Well I've had my share of set backs this week, but I have also had a few victories.
Set back no 1 - Had to go to court for a speeding ticket. Got the ticket dropped (but ugh!) made a bad choice by celebrating with pizza afterward and it wasn't my day off!!
Set back no 2 - Had to go to the dentist the next day. Okay I'm confessing it - ended up getting pizza again (that's right that wasn't my day off either!) On the upside, I am eternally grateful to the hygienist who got all the horrible brown stains off my teeth. She worked hard on them. I also didn't have any cavities :-)
Set back no 3 - When confronted with sad things at work, I am known to eat things I shouldn't (Oh that comfort food complex). Bingo, but it was my day off.
With each setback, I did get up and keep going on my plan, but I got pretty frustrated with myself. On the upside, despite the bitter cold, I've been out skiing, snow shoeing and hiking almost every day. Of course, that's not an excuse for bad eating. I'm pretty confident this week will go better.
Now that Thanksgiving is Officially Over Lets be THANKFUL but not keep eating like its still Thanksgiving. BACK AWAY from that left over stuffing!! None of the mashed potatoes and gravy either!! Let the kids have that stuff. Stick with a nice tossed salad topped with delicious turkey and some dried cranberries :-) Mmm.... Healthy and delicious!! I'm planning on a hike out to find a Christmas Tree with the kids. Remember that we CAN walk and many can't so get out there and do it!

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  1. Great advice, as usual, outdoor mom!

    I've been out snowshoeing some, but not every day. . .working on that. :)