Friday, November 5, 2010

Let The Fun Begin!

Welcome to my new blog! I'm excited that you are reading this :-) It means that you have some interest in bettering yourself, just like I do. I'm a little bit nervous about starting a new blog, but that's okay. I've learned that I'm a happier person when I stretch my self. I bet you are too. I have fought obesity from childhood, and I am winning that war, slowly. Its my hope that I can inspire you and myself in this pilgrimage. Here are some things I'm hoping to incorporate in future posts :

1. Inspirational People and Blogs I'm hoping to do some feature stories and interviews. Many people in my life have inspired me. I'd like to share them with you.

2. Fun Fitness Adventures! I have a few of them on my side bars already.
- In the past year, I completed for the 2nd time, the 1.76 mile Long Bridge Swim.

- I convinced my ENTIRE FAMILY for the first time ever to participate in 3 and 5K's!! Several of them won places!

- I also helped organize a community women's hiking group "The Extreme Chicks". Let me tell you, its a DIVERSE group of gals and I revel in that :-)

- Throughout the year I have learned to incorporate a variety of fitness adventures into my life including Running, Hiking, Swimming, Biking, Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Snowboarding, Nordic Walking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Hunting, Back Packing, and counting. These habits did not come easily, I had to learn. I found that as I began to take joy in them, my children were close to follow. Of course, sometimes it was the other way around ;-)

3. Healthy, Whole and Clean Eating is foundational if you want to live well, as is portion control. I have dieted for as long as I can remember. Making Eating Well a way of life is something we all need to encourage each other about.

4. Weight Loss and Retention I can tell you that I have not "Arrived" there, but I will not quit trying. I have lost and kept off 41 pounds! I still have 10-15 to go. For some reason, I was entertaining the silly idea that I couldn't really inspire anybody "until I arrived" at my ideal weight. That's not true. This blog is about working together and inspiring each other.

5. Non Traditional and Thrifty Methods I am a Working Mom with 5 kids. I value my time with my children. I am continually learning the art of balanced living. You will not see me at the gym because it is over an hour away and costs more that I can afford in gas and membership fees. This means I have to find other ways. Its not impossible, only a challenge. We can chose to THRIVE in the midst of every obstacle. Its hard to afford to eat well, I know. I am on an incredibly limited budget feeding so many in an oppressed economy. Again, I have to chose to thrive with that obstacle. Over the past year here are some ways I incorporated healthy foods :
- family labor at an organic cherry orchard for trade (great exercise too).
- family huckleberry picking (again great exercise).
- living year round on hunted, organic meat (don't even get me started on the story of packing out our son's elk).
- processing large amounts of fruits and veggies when they are available at a low cost.
- buying bulk whole grains and foods.
- growing and drying spices.
- I learned about sprouting from a friend.
- I continually learn about cooking from my friend Mist, who is a whole, clean, healthy eating enthusiast and also a Hollywood California Culinary Arts Graduate.

6. Inspiring Friends and Family As I indicated on my side bar, we must empower future generations. You not only pass down your genes to your children, but your life habits as well. I am an Emergency Room RN and it grieves me to see so many premature deaths and disabilities due to lifestyle. This is my chance to make a difference.

7. Without God's Help, I could not have changed. His Supernatural Power is available to all who call upon Him and Believe. May you find that "His Burdens Are Light".

8. Overcoming Fear is important too. For instance, I was afraid to run out here on my forest roads because of mountain lions and grizzly bears. You might be afraid of creepy people in the city or of traffic. I had to realize that sitting on the couch was more dangerous to my health than taking the risk that getting off of it was. We all have to leave our comfort zones and live one the edge a little ;-) I trust God and I pack a gun. Do what you gotta do to live.

Wow!! That's a lot to promise in a first post ;-) I hope I can live up to all that. Okay, well thanks for your interest and for having read this far........ Let the fun begin!!


  1. Your new blog looks great and inspirational!


  2. Welcome! You have such great goals. I especially like the spiritual part of it. Maybe you can get me off my can this winter (which has already started here). Winter bloat is such a problem . . even with the cats!

    Thank you for your kind comment about my warbler photo, too.

  3. I look forward to following :-) I'm always impressed with your exercise adventures.

  4. Hello and thank you for commenting on my Chile Rellenos. I plan to come back and get inspiration from your blog too. Your pictures are amazing especially the ones in the woods! Keep up the good work!