Thursday, June 9, 2011


Our young subject agreed to participate in a study regarding what would happen should she sneak into the marshmallow bag unsupervised... hence our title post.
Note the first picture (the marshmallow high) and then comes the next one (the marshmallow crash). Does this ever happen to you? She even still has one in her hand - lol!!

Every time I put up a post on here, I wonder exactly "what did I do for the past week or two?" Despite the claims that my blog is "painfully boring", its actually a good form of accountability for me which is hopefully just a bi product - as I hope to motivate you as well!!

Last week seemed to fly by, though us girls did have a good accountability meeting and bronzed together in the sun afterward. I feel so blessed to have girlfriends who love the sun as much as I do ;-) Finding swimsuit season upon us, we decided to crack down for the next week or two. My resolution was to do 1500 cals a day again for a couple of weeks, but we all agreed that with the upcoming camping trip we would take the weekend off from our goals. After all, whats camping without a few hot dogs and s'mores?! I got a few runs in this week so far and also a couple last week, did my sit ups like a good girl (getting better about doing them before I am too sleepy for too many). Also got a good kayak trip in while we were camping. Now I'm bound to that 1500 calorie promise along with a bread (white flour) fast - ugh :-) Why do I always plan big anyway ?

So far I have been eating good - peaches and yogurt, salads, steamed broccoli with feta, cottage cheese and strawberries, corn on the cob - yum! It really hasn't been all that hard. Spending money on good food is a lot more beneficial than you would think, especially if you are wanting to lose weight and be healthy. You just feel good. I know so many people who skimp on fruits and vegetables saying they "can't afford" them, but the same people have money for soda, ramen noodles and all manner of things that have absolutely no nutrition. Those kinds of foods are not just non nutritious, they are harmful to our bodies. Sure a treat now and then is fine, but living on "treats" is no way to treat our body. Just a little food for thought - lol. I guess the marshmallow pics say it all ;-)

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  1. I love the marshmallow pics! I can't count the number of times I did that while camping with the family. You have such a cute little marshmallow addict! :)