Saturday, May 28, 2011


I bet you don't know where the month went either?!?! BTW have you been feeling like this lately?! Yeah, me too......

A lot of rain and not a lot of ambition has been my challenge lately. Though i haven't stopped doing the sit ups as promised, the days i'm getting 200 in along with push ups and other ab work are dwindling. Lately they've been a token 25 before falling asleep - ugh!! Gotta get outa that slump!

On the upside, I did get some good runs in the last few days. Not willing to let last weekend go to Miss Belly Fat with all the good eating out I was doing at my women's conference I opted to go work out on the motel tread mill after my buddie went to bed and had my swimwear under that for laps in the pool. I do love Hampton Inn's open all night policy. Despite my humongous meals at Sizzler and Famous Daves, I had something to redeem myself a little with ;-) I also felt good about myself rather than disgusted........

For all the excitement about my wild kayak adventure, flooding and more bear stories, revert to my other blog :-) Also my husbands mission to find me a good bike. I am just sooo excited for that to happen. I've been riding around this $35 bike I bought 12 years ago. I tried giving it away 3x and 3x people have given it back to me - lol!! Hopefully that will be the center of an upcoming post :-)

I don't know about you but doesn't it feel encouraging just putting away clothes that are several sizes smaller than last year and the year before? Count your blessings before starting your next organized attack against belly fat!! You have come along way :-)


  1. We all have our slumps but yours sounds more active than mine! Good for you for keeping up with all you are doing for yourself!

    You continue to inspire!


  2. Hello..your blog is very nice.. first time coming by..

  3. Good for you for working out at the hotel. It's always a good feeling when you can "make up for" your splurges by doing something healthy!