Friday, June 24, 2011

The Continual Feast

Surprisingly, the sun made an appearance this week. He was wayyyy late, like by a month. We had pre-planned "doing something" on that first long awaited day of 80 degree bliss. I even did my chores and got out running early so I could take FULL advantage. At first I thought we were going to stay home, but by 1pm (prime sun time) my husband says "lets go to such an such a lake." We all rushed around like crazy packing up for it. My mental calculator kept trying to figure out how much time i would miss in the car from the prime sunlight while driving there. I had been emotional that day anyway, and so while driving, I found out he had to go to another city first to pick up a car part. My eyes started tearing up and I asked myself "am I really crying about missing prime sunshine?" Shamelessly, I was.......... Don't ask me my age, I'm not telling.

Anyway, around 4pm we pulled up at the busy busy lake. The tip of the boat landing had a rather large, loud, obese and smoking family gathered there with lawn chairs. It was the best part to swim in for little kids. I thought to just pull up by them and tolerate the smoke and obscenities and stares but my daughter didn't want to. After forever, the men and boys loaded into boats and floated off. I took the truck to the only other available spot which was along the road. There was green slime in that part of the water and an old jar of fish eggs on shore. Reluctantly, I pulled out my sheet and placed it over a couple of rocks. Moonbeam dipped her toes in the water. Sock Fashion Expert popped some Benedryl and curled up to take a nap inside the truck, miserable. It was nearing 5pm by now, and the beautiful day had somehow slipped out of my fingers.

When Moonbeam insisted on hanging out in the middle of the road, I knew I was nearing the end of my sanity level. The day I had so anticipated was not turning out at all like I'd expected. It seemed like EVERYTHING was going wrong. Suddenly that overwhelmed release came and I started giggling. I reminded myself several times that a person with a merry heart has a "continual feast". I thanked God that I could soak up the sun - for the time I had now. I noticed the loud family had left and decided to drive back over there. Soon we were parked in their spot and had taken up residence there, watchful for boaters who wanted to use the landing. I relaxed while Moonbeam splashed around. I dove into the cool waters and felt refreshed, and again found my oasis on the sheet with a magazine and lime water. Sock Fashion Expert popped out of the truck and looked around. She didn't seem quite so miserable. Just as I felt completely relaxed, another large loud group pulled up behind me and a bunch of rowdy kids piled out. "Continual Feast" I said to myself. By then it was nearing 5:30 or 6pm. We ate our sandwiches and I decided not to care about the other smoking people playing loud music and yelling at their kids. Soon the men came back and we got ready to go. Super Catman's shorts got wet and he forgot to bring new ones. He had to wear his sisters. He was thoroughly disgusted with that turn of events.

On the way home, my husband decided to take the scenic route. It would take a couple of extra hours with stops. I was tired. "Continual Feast". We explored a realty property that my husband was curious about and my kids loved looking in the windows and peeking around. They seemed excited. At long last, around bedtime, we arrived home...... Things continued not to work out like I planned, but I kept trying hard to remember "Continual Feast". I lost it sometimes, but not as bad as I would have had my attitude been bad to begin with.

The next day I had to work all night. We couldn't make any plans. I felt mopey but started my chores. Then the phone rang. My friends wanted to meet me at the lake (the nearby one). All in all the day was a lot nicer. My husband even watched the baby while I floated out in the lake on a little blow up boat with Dear Elasta Woman. I felt kind of frumpy next to her lean bikini body, but I reminded myself "Continual Feast". We had a great conversation. Shes one of the very few I can actually talk to without holding back. She has more depth and she understands me. She's a good friend. When I had to leave, my husband came back with me. We had all rode bikes over and some of the kids were staying. He let me snuggle up to sleep on him and drool on his leg for half an hour before I had to leave........ When it was time I started bawling. Again, don't ask my age, I'm not telling. I badgered him about what he thought of my swimwear. He hates that and never complies with my insecurity. That sets me off. As I was saying, "Continual Feast". I tried to be thankful he let me drool on his leg and drove off to work. I had a good shift. Later that next day I put on my $3 second hand store bikini and layed out in the sun. My husband had a lot of nice things to say about it. I looked in the mirror. It wasn't half bad. Isn't it funny how just a different cut of material can give a totally different look to a person? Why my $3 bikini? Who knows. Continual Feast............................. Okay, your turn :-)

Proverbs 15:15 "All the days of the afflicted are evil, But he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast."

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  1. What a wonderful post. Thank you for this lovely reminder of Continual Feast. My nephew (Jordan's brother) his wife, and her parents are in Romania and her mom just wrote a similar blog post. It's here
    His wife (Leanna) is so sweet and was instrumental in bringing my nephew to the Lord. I haven't met her parents, but I'm enjoying reading their blog.