Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here's some pics of us girls before church the other day. The Sock Expert REFUSED to let me put up any of the ones of her - though she is totally adorable!! It was a big step for me because the dress I'm wearing is NEW. That's right. Its new and I didn't even buy it on clearance. I got it at Ross. Laugh, but spending $20 on a dress was a stretch for me. I totally panicked buying it - almost didn't. I FEARED whether my husband would like it or not. As it turned out, he loved it and my friend Elasta Woman says its her favorite ever!! Whew - relief! So I figured I'd put up the pics :-) I am also over due to put up my bike pics and my NEW WET SUIT pics.......

The wetsuit is a crazy story!! I was lamenting our return from a super fun weekend as we headed home. (See "A GRRRReat Weekend" post) Anyway, my husband decides to stop at our favorite used sporting goods place on the way through the big city. I'm feeling all disheveled and frumpy. I can't bear to go in until I pluck out the unsightly chin hairs that have popped up on my face over the weekend. I'm disgustedly sporting "the pms bloat". My shorts are a size or two too big and have a bizarre hang to them. Am I painting you a good "frump feel?" Okay, so in I go not really wanting to be "seen".

I head straight over to the wet suits which I have eyed for the last several visits. The water is just soooo cold and its almost July!! How will I EVER get any training in with out one? So anyways, this guy comes up and says "I just got done doing the same thing!" He's all smiley and friendly. "Are you an open water swimmer?!?!" he asks. Of course I love being labeled "an open water swimmer" and I'm all about it because, after all, I am one. After a while I start to get some weird vibes. Maybe he's being too friendly? Naaa. I'm frump city here. He's just being polite. We both just love open water swimming. Not to mention my entire family is milling around and its a small store. He shows me his purchase. It has short sleeves. I tell him the sleeves hindered me with my last wet suit. He tells me to "work my guns" displaying a playful a muscle flex for me with a wink. One of the clerks possibly picks up on the awkwardness of the situation and hangs around adding in a few comments here and there. After a while the friendly swim guy moves on. I'm trying on my 3rd wet suit and feeling a bit befuddled. I wasn't expecting all that attention.

Then he comes back..... He has this silly head thing and asks me if I've ever used one. Now I know he can't possibly be serious. This is an excuse. I swallow. This is more than friendly. He starts acting silly and flirty. I swallow again feeling nervous. Is this guy actually flirting with me?! Then he starts giving advice on wet suit fit and brushes my waist with a mock pinch. Okay now about a million alarms go off and my face is beet red. I'm flattered, but ugh!! Doesn't this guy see my wedding ring on? Suddenly the guys intense, flashy eyes change from "pursue" to a look of sheer horror. I follow his eyes to behind me. There my entire family is standing and staring at him with protective stares and arms crossed. My husband, particularly, does not look happy. His giant biceps seem flexed and there is a bit of a twitch to his jaw. I kiss his cheek, smiling naturally. He puts a protective arm around me. I turn back and the flirter has fled in terror........... My husband buys me the wet suit (cool). I wander out the door wondering what I should have done differently.........


  1. isn't that always the way? I always find that when I think I look my worst, I get the most attention from guys! And when I feel all dolled up ... not so much!

    Guys are wierd - love your families response!


  2. Thank you for giving me a laugh on a particularly difficult day! I love you!

  3. Yikes!! I don't think I'd recognize if I were being flirted with. lol Funny story. ;)