Friday, June 17, 2011

work smerk

Everything takes blasted work!

Its been a muddy, wet June. Everybody started dieting in April and May. Not me. Nope. I knew better. You start dieting back then and you totally lose your motivation by the time real pre-swimsuit season hits - say Mid June? I'm not kidding, tho i wish i was ;-) Really, there has only been a handful of sun bronzing days so far. Most of them have been rain rain rain. I'm SUPER THANKFUL that the one nice weekend we had we got to camping. Anyhoo, in light of it being MID JUNE, I and my girlfriends decided it was time to start planning for swimsuit season. We launched a full scale assault on belly fat. One decided to eat 2 eggs for breakfast every morning and start running. Her goals - successful. The next - no bread. Her goals - well she changed them. Mine was to do 2 weeks of 1500 calories, then I added in a week of no bread.

It was a rather tumultuous week. I didn't have much energy when I was out running. I felt kind of ravenous at night, and I turned into a mutant zombie monster. My sister had the kind heart to talk some sense into me. She insists that my belly fat and love handles are supposed to be there ;-) Anyhow I am rethinking my pre-season swimsuit strategies and am, alas, again, open to suggestions. I just don't do well on diets when I am super active. I guess healthy is the better goal dang nabbit!! I did lose a lousy 2 lbs and 2 inches off my gutt..... BUT I WANNA BE SWIMSUIT READY!! Here's where I hit the floor kicking and bawling and throwing an all out tantrum...............

So, as I was saying, back to the drawing board for me. In other news, my husband bought me a cool new (used) bike. Its a Giant brand mountain bike which he acquired from the Lucky Logger Pawn and Dime or some such place. He made me go in and wheel and deal them tho - ugh! Theres nothing more fearsome than trying to bargain with a pawn shop owner ;-) Thankfully, the shrewd lady came down a good amount and I now have something better than a 10 year old $35 dollar clearance bike from Wal mart. Can't wait to ride it! We have plans in the future for a 20 mile loop ride and then a 40 mile trip to the nearby city. I'm excited to do the new challenges. Also have been running several days a week and getting in hard sit ups days half the time and chumpy easy ones the other half. I wish for the days of open water swim season, only God knows when they will arrive......


  1. Yay--you found a bike! Giant is a great brand, too. You'll have lots of fun riding it. Is it an aluminum frame? I remember when Jacob bought my bike at a police auction and it seemed to take so much less effort to pedal it because the frame was aluminum instead of steel like my old Huffy had.

    I've been praying for you, lovely woman!

  2. sheesh you are busy! Keep it up! The new bike sounds like fun! Good for you for getting a bargain and for planning such fun trips!