Monday, March 28, 2011

Sit Up and DRIVE!

"Oh goodness gracious!" seems to be the theme of my life these days. EVERY moment has gone into warp speed, and I am also taking on a WHOLE NEW SET of priorities. As I maneuver this shift in focus, exercise has gotten pushed to a back burner, or maybe forgotten on the kitchen counter nearby. Oh I'm still doing it all, just not focusing on it. Maybe that's a good thing.

Here goes : Day 81 was my 3rd - 12 hour night shift. I walked my kiddos around the yard for fresh air. I DID DO my 150 sit ups and 100 knee/elbow crunches, and 12 push ups. I had ZERO motivation to leave for work, but my husband reminded me I was going to be off for 3 weeks after that ;-)

Day 82 I was suffering from sleep deprivation, but had to PACK, approve the kids clothes, PACK for Miss Moona, Dye my hair, clean up the house, pack misc stuff, do laundry etc. I also ran 4 miles knowing I'd been in the car for 20 some hours the next day and did my 150/100 while my dye was setting.

Day 83 we were on the road for more than 20 hours. That morning, while everybody rushed around, I kept thinking to myself "sit ups", then I'd remember something I needed to pack and get distracted. Finally my husband said it was time to go, and relented, allowing me my sit ups. In the NICK OF TIME I did my 150/100, and 10 push ups. Then we all piled into the Suburban and picked up my Hubby's brother "Chet" and began our journey.

Day 84, after 20 some hours of driving, I unfolded myself to get out at my brother-in-laws place. He was having a birthday party for his 3 year old. We got there about 6 or 7 am and stayed till around 5 pm. Then we drove 3 more hours to my In-Laws place. By the time we got there sit ups were the LAST THING on my mind and I FORGOT TO DO THEM!! Other than a 15 minute walk break earlier that day, I was DELINQUENT!! I didn't even realize it till I awakened the next morning with the horrible terrible realization........

Day 85, with the need to reprove myself, I decided to start doing 200 sit ups a day and did them along with 100 knee elbows and some planks. I asked about mile markers and somebody told me about a 2 mile corner. I ran, thinking it was REALLY HARD. Sure it was. Unbeknown to me I did FIVE MILES!! Something I haven't done since age 14!!

Day 86 was another record breaker. I still have my sit ups to do today. This am, lying in bed, my husband complimented me on how great my tummy was looking and he just wanted to stare at it. I was fine with that ;-) My SLAVE DRIVER daughter agreed to RUN 4 miles with me. SHE KEPT PUSHING us on further and further. I couldn't believe how far 4 miles seemed to be. After we got done I jumped into my in laws old pick up and clocked it. Turns out we did 5.8 miles!!! Selah.......


  1. You are amazing! Awesome job! What a good complement from hubby! Those always make you feel good!

  2. wow!!! first of all congratulate you for this beautiful world you have created in this blogsphere. Your daughter is soooo cute :)

    Am glad i visited here