Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sit Ups - The Saga Lives On

My Daughter with Holly Starr

Day 75 - Would you believe after making a post on the same day, after running 4 miles and getting everything done, I FELL ASLEEP!! I awakened in the middle of the night, okay more like early am and hurriedly did 50 sit ups. Then I passed out back into a coma........

Day 76 - I hiked the loop. I did 150 sit ups, 100 knee elbow crunches and 10 push ups.

Day 77 - I threw a surprise party for my daughter at the local pizza joint and then we attended the Holly Star concert. It was 5 star fabulous!! I did my 150/100 and 10 push ups (with my husband looking on) prior to leaving that morning. Then I ran out of time for any run..... It was a fun day.
Day 78 - We had church and then a surprise party for my husband!! Well it turned out to be not that big of a surprise since he already knew his friends were coming over. I made a big pile of Chinese food and then my girlfriends headed out with me on a quick hike. After that we watched a movie and ate Sock Fashion Experts fabulous angel food cake with strawberries, home made ice cream and real whipped cream - oh la la! I did my 150/100 and 10 p.u. tiredly when all the fun had ended....
Day 79 - It was our girls group day and I also had to work that night so there was no time for exercise. At quarter to 12 midnight, I rushed into the locker room at work and pulled off 50 sit ups.
Day 80 - I couldn't stand not having gotten any real exercise for the past few days. I got up after sleeping an hour or two and donned my running duds. My husband sent me back to bed telling me I needed more sleep (as I was on a stretch of 12 hr night shifts). Pouting I threw off my running duds and climbed back into bed. After another hour or so of sleep, I put them back on and GOT MY RUN IN! Oh it felt GOOD!! Then soaked in sweat, I did my 150/100 and 12 p.u..... Then it was time to get ready for work. I feel so much better!!!

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