Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Update

Its good to have friends isn't it?

It felt so so good to run again this week. Thank God I forced myself out there. How are you all holding up?

Day 64 I hiked about 4 miles and did my 100 sit ups and 100 knee elbow crunches. Day 65 The same. Day 66 I ran 4 miles and BUSTED OUTTA THE GRIND! I did 150 sit ups, 100 knee/elbows and even some planks (ouch!). Day 67 ran 4 miles. Was running late for work but did do 100 quick sit ups............


  1. You just keep goin girl! Love the tickers on the sidebar - great way to show your progress!


  2. You're awesome!!
    Send me some of your energy and awesomeness!