Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The End of 1500 For Now

Before Church on Sunday. It was kind of fun to wear something that felt good and not have to layer up to try and camouflage flab.............
Stuffed Red Peppers with venison burger, tomato sauce, brown rice, Parmesan and mozzarella (about 400 calories per pepper).

Thank you Julia for your advice :-) I will do that!! So I ended my week of 1500 calories. Heather asked me where I got that number and it was from a couple of places - an Internet site suggested 1300 some for losing weight but I didn't think that was enough. Another bloggie buddy, Amber, is doing 1500 so I thought I would try and see what happened. Well, in the end it was a challenge but I learned a lot during the week. I will go off it for now. I wish I could say I lost some definite pounds, but I'm not really sure. I was in the 128's and 129's during the week, which was exciting, but the last day I was in the 133's. Who knows? That seemed a bit frustrating, so I measured (which I hadn't done since Jan 1st) and I'm down an inch or two most places. In fact, I'm starting to measure in at my normal summer measurements so I guess that is progress.

Sit Ups wise, well, I haven't been very progressive with them as I'd hoped to be. The whole calorie thing has kept me focused along with other exercise endeavors, so I've mainly been in holding there. Day 36 my friend, "The Dolphin Goddess", called and invited me on her 4 mile ski trek. She does 2 miles up a mtn and then 2 back down. It was hard work!! She's the one I am doing Bloomsday with. I did my 100 and maybe a few cross knee/elbow dealys but that's it. Day 37 was a busy day in town. Got home tired and did my quick 100. Day 38 I did a 3 mile ski around here and was busy busy busy all day. By evening, I was falling asleep in the couch and forced myself to preform 100 before heading off to brush my teeth, Moonbeams, and Super Catman's (now that he has his braces, I have do that every so often). Day 39 I knew we have an evening engagement, so I did my 100 as soon as my husband and I got back from a 3 mile hike together. You may see a common theme here - that would be the same boring 100 sit ups..... Really, it is my intention to do other ab work, I've just been mildly distracted. Better luck the rest of the week ;-)


  1. Ah geez you are doing wonderfully girl! Love all this activity! I am housebound with two sick little boysies and longing to get out a bit! The peppers look heavenly...never had venison but it sounds yummy!


  2. Congrats on doing the whole week of 1500.
    My weight fluctuates day by day too. Sometimes I think my scale is doing it just to make me work harder. :-)

    Those peppers look yummy! And what a cute picture of you and little one! I miss my little girl being small enough to pick up over my head! ( she's 9 and nearly as tall as I am)

    Have a great week!

  3. You look wonderful!!! For some reason I haven't been able to do real sit-ups since I had my C-Section with the twins. Up until then, it was never a problem. You've inspired me to start doing the crunches again.
    Thank you so much.