Thursday, February 17, 2011

dayz go bye

Day 45 was Valentines Day. I ran 3.2 miles and did 100 sit ups and 100 cross crunches before heading over to dinner with friends. Day 46 was a busy day in town. I ran 4 miles when I got home and did 100 sit ups and 100 cross crunches. Day 47 I was getting ready for work but got in a good hike and 100 sit ups and 100 cross crunches. Day 48 CRAZY DAY!! After work my car (first time ever driving it) was running and wouldn't let me in even though it was unlocked. A would be helper broke off the handle. I was stranded at work. My hero husband came to get me and had the problem fixed before I could walk across the parking lot to get to him. Long story short I ended up riding over to another city with him to pick up our new washer and dryer. Since I never went home, but just got dropped off back at work, I never got the chance to do my sit ups. I PANICKED! How would I get any done?!?! Oh the drama!! The ER nurse is fretting over sit ups. I snuck into the locker and did a quick 20 - te he he - whew! Not too impressive, but some done none the less. If i get the "Q" word, maybe i'll get in a few more before midnight ;-)
Recently I've been challenged in my faith in a big way. I decided the best thing I could possibly do is to have a week of prayer and fasting. Every time I do that, GOD MOVES in a BIG WAY. Instead of doing any kind of diet plans, I have called a group of close friends to pray and fast with me. We all fast from different things. Some times its coffee, sometimes chocolate, food, etc.. We all agree that God will move on our issues spoken or unspoken among the group. We don't always share, but support one another fully in prayer. This has been a huge pillar in my life and comfort in times of trouble. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. Prayer and fasting sounds like a great way to clear the mind and body!