Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The girls and I on a hike (see Big Foot in the swamp?)

i can hardly believe i haven't posted on here for 2 weeks! Time flies and especially with the weather getting nicer, I haven't wanted to be the computer. i'm also enjoying being less anal about writing everything down. Consequently, I have done mostly my 200 sit ups along with push ups, backward push ups and side planks most nights. Once in while when i'm sleepy i do 25 and call it good. I think since Jan 1st i have only forgotten to do them 3 days.

Today my daughter and i attempted a 20 mile bike ride loop. Her tire popped around mile 12 and we had to be rescued by a friendly local Doctor who hauled us over to the Mercantile. There we waited till my husband came to intercept us. We were bummed we didn't get to do the whole thing but grateful for all the help!

I've put in a few 7 mile runs, a shorter one, and also some run/walking with the baby in the stroller. Mostly I've been concerned about working on my tan since we had a few sunny days ;-) Flooding here in the valley has put some peoples houses up as islands. The Kayak calls my name in hope of adventure. I'm a little nervous kayaking through flood waters, but my sense of adventure will win out - i just know it!! Yesterday a couple of kids took a kayak and brought some creme pie to a neighbor who is surrounded. He can only get out by boat right now but he doesn't seem too worried.

There's been a lot of drama - between flood waters, bear encounters (see my other blog), another bear adventure (our friends had a grizzly terrorize their home with many return trips, even killing almost all their chickens), and such, there is a lot to write about. I just don't feel like sitting here and doing it ;-) I hope you are all well here in blog land. Sorry i've been blog visiting delinquent. I am hoping with this rainy week I will get read up on some of them.

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