Friday, April 22, 2011

slump de bump

My heroine, The Sock Fashion Expert "taken out the trash" with a no excuses attitude (the same one she uses on me when we're running together).

Ever heard the term "ran circles around"? Well that's what my daughter does to me, LITERALLY! Last year she was barely doing 3 miles before our 5K. She almost didn't do it because of joint pain. This year, she is running like a maniac, wishing she could drag me beyond 7 miles and bored enough to sigh, yes, run circles around her mother literally ;-) That doesn't do a lot for my running prowess. Luckily, none of the Bloomsday Runners will be focused on my turtle like jogging skills and will most likely abstain from such activities...... Despite my lack of motivation this spring, I think my upcoming Bloomsday Run will be just the thing to pull me out of that slump.

Its been super busy since we got back home from Minnesota. It was a wonderful trip - one we cherished with so many special times. Now we are back home and fighting to get into a routine of sorts. With only 2 1/2 weeks of home schooling our kids left, we are cracking those books hard along with a lot of spring cleaning. This week we went out for a special fire dept banquet. Fishing for compliments on my attire I told my husband "why don't you give me a compliment" as we were waiting for our fabulous, 5 star prime rib. He and our eldest graced me with a series of compliments, though they were not at all what I was fishing for.... Here are some of them :

"Baby you look better than a cut throat trout in a frying pan"

"You look better than a woodshed full of wood"

"You look better than a slobbering bull elk coming to my call"

"Better than a whole tub of bear fat rendering on the stove"

"Uh thanks...... I think"

Warning!! You are about to enter Extremely Boring Reading Material. Read at your own Risk of Falling asleep!

day 101 felt horribly sore from the 7 mile run and several hikes so i only did 50 sit ups.

day 102 still having back pain and left that am 50 sit ups, drove all day - crazy hike in the wind with my husband at the motel

day 103 got home, exhausted, don't remember much but I think I did maybe 50 sit ups. i always remember when i don't because i'm plagued!!

day 104 Forced my 200/100, a couple planks and was cold, tired and had a house full of luggage to unpack....

day 105 Ran 6.3 miles with my daughter. Had to work. Forgot my sit ups. Went into the utility room and did 50 quick ones at work.

day 106 Working 12 hr nights. Determined to get all my sit ups in but the Moongirl layed on my chest and I figured the cuddle was way more important before I left again - only got 100 done ;-)

day 107 tiredness slump after night shifts. tired, emotional, didn't do much but 50 sit ups before crashing on the couch. Did take Miss Moona in the stroller about 3 miles.

day 108 Ran 7 miles with my daughter, did my 200 su/100ke/15pu

day 109 yet to get outside, going to a special dinner tonight.... did my 200/100/15

day 110 ran 6.3 miles, got 100/50 in before the fam put a movie on....

day 111 ran 7 miles, yet to do my ab work

I warned ya ;-)

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