Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Want to Do What For A Date?!?!!?

Here are some fun pictures from snowshoeing up Flatiron Mountain.  The snow pack is low this year making it a bit easier than years before.  It was also a warm day which was really nice!  I was so glad my husband agreed to going :-)
I've been (mostly) writing down calories and have lost about 5 lbs of the Christmas pudge.  Also been getting back to Zumba (super fun) and getting out on more hikes and runs.  Just cutting back on carbs made me notice an immediate difference in my energy level.
- Am liking the big change with going organic.  The kids complain bitterly when we run out of milk, but I keep reminding myself "quality over quantity"
- It is REEEEAAAALLLY hard spending more money for milk, fruit, veggies.  I am thinking long term that I am going to need to do a lot more growing of my own stuff in order to really maintain the level of organics that I want to live by.
- My new flour grinder "Wonder Mill Wonder Jr" has arrived but, alas, no time to try it out yet.  Hopefully I'll be putting up a food post before long!!
 - My girlfriends are already hinting loudly that they want to start training for Bloomsday and am I going to go along with it?!?!  (I guess)
- Last week, I had one of my kids (who has a harder time with weight), count calories for a day.  He did really well with it, and kind of even enjoyed doing it as a school subject.  It is hard to find time to get the kids exercising a lot when they are tied up with school work and chores for the better part of the day.  Unfortunately, good excuses for a sedimentary lifestyle do not turn fat into muscle.  I have my work cut out for me finding ways to motivate my kids :-)


  1. Good to see your posts again. Love the pictures!
    Sounds like you're doing well with the exercise and healthy eating! Awesome!

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