Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Big "O" (Organics Of Course)


The day I hit the "130" mark, I knew I had gone too far off course.  I had promised myself that the "125" mark would sound an alarm in my head, but I was busy and there was too much going on over the holidays.  I ordered "Oxygen Magazine" figuring that it would be a good motivator.  Uhh.....  yeah, maybe if I took the time to read it (insert eye rolling here). 
   Then January 1st rolled around leaving me feeling like I was being suffocated in lard.  All my jeans were too tight and that unsightly muffin top loomed over the top of my otherwise sexy jeans.  My self esteem took a plunge.........
    After wallowing in fat for a while, I tried writing down calories and "meant well" but was busy.  After finding I was doing that for almost a week, I decided I needed to be more militant about doing this.  Then I read my fitness blog.  I thought "wow where have I been?!"  I realized that even if I motivated no one, I needed to be true to myself.  Reading it encouraged me and reminded me who I really am.........
   In other news, we had fun company over the holidays.  My good friend "M" was here.  She has 7 kids and lives on a very limited budget.  3 are now grown and out of the house.  She grows a lot of her own food and has strong convictions on organics and non gmo foods.  She also studies medicinal herbs.  She came loaded up with salves and armed with all kinds of knowledge.  At first I was a little bit overwhelmed.  I knew the information was good, but actually integrating it into life takes time and money.  I finally decided that I'm not going to hold off any longer.  If she can live this way, I have no excuse for not doing it myself.
   She also introduced me to Comfrey Salve. 
     This is what the plant looks like (thank you google images).  She went on and on about how wonderful it is.  Finally she told me to try some.  I tried using it over the top of where I think I may have I.T. Band problems.  The spasm IMMEDIATELY stopped.  I was sold.  As an ER nurse, I see people all the time with muscular spasms to the point of agony.  Obviously I'm not allowed to treat anybody with such things, but I am for sure armed with this knowledge now.  Its not an old wives tale.  The comfrey salve really made a difference.  I plan to start making some this spring for my personal use and the use of my family.  I will no longer rely on commercial made anti-inflammatories for my only form of relief.
    Here is a list of things I'm in the process of initiating THIS MONTH

 - I'm going organic with milk and yogurt.  Its hard to do because of the cost, but I have decided this is a necessary step for me.  The yogurt is about 40 cents more for a brand we like.  This will not be hard to do.  The milk is quite a bit more.  I plan to buy less milk to help compensate for that.  I have decided that rather than constantly keep the refrigerator stocked, I would rather run out and be giving my children a better quality product.  Since there is always cheese and yogurt in the refrigerator, I am not overly concerned about being out for a few days at a time.

- I'm going to start grinding my own flour FOR REAL.  I have used a coffee grinder half cup at a time up until now.  The bulk of my flour in recipes comes from a bag because the coffee grinder is time consuming and burns out with my standard 20 cup need for bread.  For at least 10-15 years I have had the conviction to do this, but not followed through due to financial reasons of buying a good grinder.  This month we are buying a grinder.  This month I will be buying grain.  It is healthier, cost effective and just smart to keep on hand.  My friend "M" says she has fed gluten intolerant people her bread and they have had no ill effects.  This should be food for thought.  My friend "G" makes her own bread with fresh ground flour, always, and also inspired me.

- Gulp..... I'm going to pay closer attention to the "Dirty Dozen" of organics.  I may not always hit it, but I will consciously try to make an effort.  Taken from, here are the 12 most contaminated foods :12 Most Contaminated  
Sweet Bell Peppers
Grapes (Imported)

- And lastly, but not last in priorities, I plan to seriously take merit in food storage and preparedness and make some form of progress toward this.  Please see my blog post here :

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