Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Long Bridge Swim Finishers (beat by my daughter by 4 minutes!)

 The "Fasting Cleanse" i'm doing

New Gun My Hubby Bought Me for Running With

WELL HERE I AM......gulp.... getting soft. All summer long i seriously thought about ditching this blog but I just couldn't. Its maybe not exactly who I am, but more who I want to be and I just can't give up on it. Truth is, we've moved 15 miles outside of town and life is easier. Theres no mountain to have to hike up and down every day. There's no "making due" for groceries when we're out of something. There hasn't been any more higher altitude 7 mile runs. No backpacking trips either. I've settled for easy 2 mile jogs and for a long run well, maybe 4-6 miles. I've enjoyed the summer and watched my hips grow a few inches along the way. I hate to confess it, but its where I'm at, THE UGLY TRUTH. Oh i didn't totally give up or anything. My daughter and i trained for The 1.76 mile Long Bridge Swim, and completed it. She even beat me - that little stinker :-) I still cook with a lot of veggies and wild organic meat. My kids are all pretty buff and healthy, but somewhere along in "convenience" i kinda lost my edge.

    A bunch of my girlfriends and I decided to take the "The Love Language Challenge", pray and fast for our husbands. That has been good so far. For my part of the fasting I decided to do a "cleanse" regime with the above "Perfect Food" recommended to me by a naturopathic friend. Week One you skip a meal once a day and take a serving of this stuff. It was kind of hard choking it down, but it wasn't the end of the world. The first day I felt really good. After that it was just kind of "so so". Now I'm into the second week which involves doing 2 servings and one meal. Honestly, that hasn't gone so bad either. I was thinking it would be worse. Am feeling like the marriage thing is going pretty good too. All that makes me happy.

And on to the most exciting thing, and my big motivation to get back into "This Redneck Mama's Fitness Blog"...... HAWAII!!! That's right... I bought real bonafide tickets for Kauai. Now the pressure is really on. I've gotta whip myself back into step and go beyond if I wanna have fun running around secluded beaches with my husband wearing less than fat friendly attire ;-)

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