Monday, May 14, 2012

Bloomsday 2012!

 Our Gang - Elasta Woman, Kiana, Archer's Friend, Me, Archer, Sweet RoseMary
- Got Stopped by a cop on the way there for "driving the speed limit (too slow) on a Sunday through a school zone" as that seemed "suspicious"!
 - Broke Down 15 min from registration!!  Had to take a taxi with my band of friends and kids!!
 - Felt like puking my guts out as none of my friends would leave me and demanded to stay with me!!  Elasta Woman even ran BACK DOWN DOOMSDAY HILL to check on me!!
 - Consequently, I ran my fastest EVER!!  10 min miles x7!!
 - Hub rescued us as you can see :-)  It was a super fun day!!

1 comment:

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