Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Love Camping!

Bags of Popcorn always go camping with us (but never come home) ;-)

We always eat allot of fish too....

And I LOVE escaping in my kayak....

Its ALWAYS romantic......

We just got back from a several day trip at Lake Koocanusa. It was allot of fun and I did allot of things right dietwise. Here's a list of some of the "right choices" :

- My husband packed bikes for us all and led us on an excruciating trek up a mountain road. I peddled up Miss Moonbeam in the baby seat for an extra burn! After that we had to hike through the woods in search of a waterfall. It was quite the work out :-)

- I only ate 1 hot dog each time we roasted them (and only 1 s'more each time too). Our only left overs were hot dogs. The kids referred to them as "gross". It got me to thinking "Do I really need to bring hot dogs to roast to make camping fun?" Probably not. Now the s'mores, well old habits die hard (lol). We all prefer my daughters homemade grahms to the store bought ones hands down! Though they are made with a good amount of butter. The kids favorite camp meals I made which they claimed were "best ever" included :

  • chicken quesadillas on home made wheat tortillas

  • fresh caught native fish

  • shrimp and brown rice in a garlic sauce

  • nachos made with my own mashed beans and elk burger topped with veggies and salsa

case in point : all healthy, wholesome for the most part foods - hooray!

- bravely i did a good amount of kayaking. Two hair raising trips across Lake Koocanusa exploring. It was great fun, allot of arm and abd work and high adventure!!

- swam across to the end of the bay several times with the girls and did the whole perimeter one time. That was HEAVENLY!!

- drank allot of lime and mint water. Drank less than a can of soda the whole time until our date night.

- packed snacks to "fill in" for the things I knew I shouldn't eat allot of - like substituting that second hot dog for cottage cheese with strawberries or having half a banana with peanut butter as a late night snack or breakfast filler.

- Hiked all over, enjoyed the sun, friends, etc.. Though I made delicious meals and enjoyed them, they weren't the center of the enjoyment for the day :-)

I told all about our trip on my other blog, including this story, but its kind of a funny one :-) On the middle part of our camping trip some of our friends joined in with us. That Saturday afternoon, while the men were off fishing, the children were playing in the water near by. Us girls were relaxing at an ultra secluded cove. We were laying out on the sand in our bikinis laughing and visiting and just soaking up the sun. Here and there we'd dip in the cool heavenly waters or swim out to where the choppy cold waters met the calmer waters of our private bay.
It was probably in the 80's or 90's and I felt like not much could be closer to heaven on earth. Then all of a sudden this helicopter flies over. It flies over again. Then it flies over AGAIN!! Around that time, my friends husband was getting back. After it flew over 3 times, it circled us! We all wondered what on earth it was doing. "Why is that helicopter looking at us?" my 8 year old wanted to know. "They're not looking at us, buddy." He told him. Then he thought for a moment, perturbed and with a rather disgusted voice asked "Why would anybody want to look at women in bikinis?!" We all laughed.

I suppose it is time for me to change the name of my blog as I have been rather inconsistent in my sit ups endeavors. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I aspired for it. I did pretty good the first 6 months and my abs are allot better than I ever imagined. I just am so busy and can't seem to keep up with them, especially when I'm doing so many active things outdoors. That's okay. I will keep doing them, just not every day. So any new name suggestions?


  1. I love camping too!
    I will have to remember to bring a bag of popcorn next camping trip we have. That is a great snack idea!
    And I wil have to come up there and have to teach me on the kayak. A trip out alone on the water sounds perfect, and peaceful!
    Glad you had a good time!

  2. You have a beautiful family! Looks like you had a lot of fun camping at a gorgeous spot. Never give up the smore's. I had one recently with dark chocolate with orange in it. Very yum!

  3. What beautiful photo's and a beautiful family. It is so encouraging to see a family that makes the time to share in life and meals together, not such an easy task these days ith the economy. I think you have a wonderful inspirational blog and I thank you for letting us into to your beautiful family..God bless hugs, love and prayers Patricia