Friday, March 1, 2013


   Some how its been a WHOLE MONTH since we got back from Hawaii.  I didn't want the sparkle of the holiday to fade (or my tan for that matter).  I had worked too hard to see it over and done with.  Of course I was happy to be back home with my babies, but feeling the downer of what I had worked so hard for was over and I felt kind of deflated....
   HUNGER KICKED IN almost immediately.  I'm not sure if it was a "bored" kind of hunger, a "hungry" kind of hunger, or maybe just a "wanna be comforted" kind.  Whatever it was, came unrelenting and without rest.  Since then I've been waging a good fight to try and not gain (or lose) that progress!
   In a nutshell, I lost 50 lbs about 7 years ago.  Since then, I slowly gained back maybe 15 of those pounds.  For my trip to Hawaii I lost 20 lbs.  Roughly, I was 176 at my highest recorded non pregnant weight.  When I got home from Hawaii I was weighing in at 118-120 lbs.  Thetas almost 60 lbs I'm not - THANK GOD.  But how do I keep that off?!?!
   I tried writing down calories for a week and HATED it.  Even more dismal, I was coming in around 2000 a day, TRYING. UGH.  Tonight I read an article about "intuitive eating" which I'm going to give a go....
  More goals include upcoming Bloomsday, A mud run with friends, and keeping up on Zumba and weight lifting.  Above here is a pic from Mon at the Rec Center, which I try to get my kids to on a semi-monthly basis.  It breaks up the monotony of winter.  Desperately hoping to pull out some unforeseen motivation from thin air ;-)

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