Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Its Actually Coming Together - WHAT?!?!

I have a lot to be proud of. Its been 11 weeks and counting since I started counting calories and logging them in. I started off at 139 and I was at 122 weighing in today. I am hoping I can shave off just a few more before Hawaii, but I am getting close. As I said, BORING with a CAPITAL B with writing down calories, but I have a selective memory when it comes to being hungry. If i don't write it down, I have a harder than heck time remembering that I need to STOP!! Here's a running list of whats been working for me :-) Maybe if you stumble across it will help you...... Food : - LOG CALORIES - Force yourself into diversity. That means i don't get to eat 1000 calories of pizza and nothing else. I make myself to eat a salad, fruit, dairy, nuts and seeds, varied vegetables, lean protein, yogurt and cheese pretty much every day. - Take vitamins (b is my fav) - Drink and log H20 (I'm doing about 80 oz a day) - Take a mandatory day off from counting calories every few weeks for sanity. - minimize breads, maximize proteins and veggies. Exercise : - Running in the snow few days a week - Zumba weekly when possible -Insanity Workouts (i'm warning you they are hellish) -Weight Lifting every week -Almost every night 200 variety crunch regime, push ups and planks (DOUBLE YUCK!) A Few Encouraging Moments : - When my husband complimented my arms in a work out T - When I climbed up this wall (pic above). The last time I was there, I couldn't get to the top. - The fun time I had hiking up a mtn and boarding down with my friend and daughter in photos above. It made me feel empowered :-) - Putting on clothes and not automatically trying to find ways to conceal bulge - a weird feeling.

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