Friday, December 23, 2011

Is it the end of the year ALREADY?!?!

My friend, Mist, with Thanksgiving Pheasants.....

My way of teasing my oldest son with Christmas Decor....

Our girls hot tub and cross country ski party yesterday!!

Taking our pup skiing today - check out her frosty mug ;-)

Lost Motivation is probably the biggest reason i haven't posted for so long. That, and the fact that every day I spend hours scouring the Internet for real estate. Its been rather taxing and exhausting, but I know that once I find the right place, I'll be glad for the work I put in :-) As for the lost motivation part, well that can be worked on. Really - it hasn't been THAT bad. I'm still probably 10lbs less last than last winter at this time. Don't know how I'm pulling that off, but still 10 lbs more than I want to be too.

Seriously thinking of doing a REVISITED 365 Days of Situps. Even though I failed it miserably by only doing maybe 6 months, I had the best abs I've ever had. My big failure was the biggest success ab wise I've ever had. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again, now that I'm not doing any, I am missing that muscle look and my new cross belly ring just doesn't look as cute with the mid winter pudge ;-) Okay, well if anybody has any good suggestions, I am WIDE OPEN!!

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  1. I think I might join you on the sit-ups! I'm with you on the motivation (or lack thereof) part, too. . .I've been MEANING to start sit-ups for the last couple months. :)

    I started running again on the treadmill, though, and am doing the couch-to-5k routine. Hopefully I'll be ready for the next Shamrock Shuffle in March. We'll see! I look forward to running with you when we get together next!

    Boy sends kisses. . .going to go feed him now. Love to all!