Saturday, September 3, 2011

my most STELLAR summer ever (why you haven't heard from me)

Super Fun Cliff Jumping!!

This is my amazing son!!

The Most AMAZING, Romantic, BEST EVER Get Away for our 20th Can you believe my husband bought us a boat?!?
He took me away to remote
Idyllic, even EUPHORIC settings....

Me Cliff Jumping AFRAID!!


Isn't this the most romantic setting ever?!!? What more could anybody ask for than a secluded sandy cove?!?

Fun with the kids in the sand, water and sunshine :-)

Maybe our funnest family summer EVER!!

The most amazing food at my cousin's wedding!!

The Wedding in Bellingham was sooo romantic!!

I've had such an incredibly fun and amazing month that I couldn't possibly spend too much time next to a computer. I barely made a few posts on my other blog telling of our cliff jumping, wedding and romantic get away adventures. As for dieting and fitness, well its been haphazard at best. Every week I seem to squeeze in a 7 mile run or two. I'm still some what active, but its hard to do any kind of routine with all the fun going on :-) I did some food fasting too, but again, discipline has been REALLY HARD. Play play play has been the name of the game ;-)

Now that its coming to a screeching halt, I see D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E in the near future and I'm not all that embracing. I just want to be lost on that remote sandy beach in a bikini forever without all the work that looking good in it involves. Selah......

Today our girls accountability group got together and did our thing. I was the only one present with a filled in chart and that was for only one week. I think we all saw the writing on the wall. Time to get back to work for us all!! Oh if mojo were only that simple. After such amazing food, crazy fun, and timeless romance how does one get back to a life of cottage cheese and fitness blog posts? I DON'T KNOW. alas alas boo hoo violin.

So my resolutions this month include but are not limited to :

- a work out day with a friend

- a home school routine that incorporates some kind of fitness routine for me

- a more regular exercise routine

- more disciplined eating

- a new blog name and a new game plan

- some way to make this blog more interesting (if nothing better than to spare my husband of its painful boredom ;-) )

That sounds like a grand start ;-) Okay, tell me how you've been surviving this past divine month?!?

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